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Blairstown NJ
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Andover, Aeroflex-Andover Airport18:54NA525197N 330.12
Allentown, Lehigh Valley International Airport18:51Overcast555393Calm30.11
Caldwell, Essex County Airport18:53 Fog/Mist565493Calm30.12
Newark, Newark International Airport18:51 Light Drizzle Fog/Mist5757100NE 330.10
Sussex, Sussex Airport18:53Overcast514992Calm30.12
Morristown Municipal18:45 Fog/Mist5454100Calm30.12
Mount Pocono, Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport18:53 Light Rain Fog/Mist5151100Calm30.11
New York City, Central Park18:51 Fog/Mist585693Vrbl 530.13
Reading, Reading Regional Airport18:54 Fog/Mist575696Calm30.10
Somerville, Somerset Airport18:53 Fog/Mist575593Calm30.08
Teterboro, Teterboro Airport18:51 Fog/Mist565493Calm30.09
Trenton, Mercer County Airport18:53Overcast595896E 630.09
Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport18:55 Fog/Mist555494Calm30.12
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