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2 Miles SSE Brick Township NJ
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Belmar-Farmingdale08:56Fair493866W 15 G 2329.92
Atlantic City, Atlantic City International Airport08:54Fair513452W 18 G 2829.96
Newark, Newark International Airport08:51A Few Clouds503659W 1529.90
New York, Kennedy International Airport08:51A Few Clouds and Breezy483663W 22 G 2829.90
Millville, Millville Municipal Airport08:54Fair503454W 1329.97
Lakehurst Naval Air Station09:00Fair503966W 13 G 2229.92
New York City, Central Park08:51Fair483356W 9 G 2029.91
Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport08:54Fair493252W 1429.95
Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia Airport08:54Fair493456NW 1329.96
Somerville, Somerset Airport08:53Fair483561Vrbl 729.90
Trenton, Mercer County Airport08:53Fair473461W 9 G 2129.93
Mount Holly, South Jersey Regional Airport08:54Fair503352W 729.95
Mcguire Air Force Base08:55Fair493456W 14 G 2029.93
Wildwood, Cape May County Airport08:56Fair524064NW 9 G 2229.98
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