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Elizabeth NJ
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Newark, Newark International Airport11:51Overcast706276Vrbl 330.00
The Gabreski Airport11:53A Few Clouds706071N 530.00
Farmingdale - Republic Airport11:53A Few Clouds696176N 630.00
Shirley, Brookhaven Airport10:56Overcast686076N 630.01
Islip, Long Island Mac Arthur Airport10:56 Light Rain676284N 730.01
New York, Kennedy International Airport11:51Mostly Cloudy686281N 730.01
New York, La Guardia Airport11:51Overcast705968NE 530.00
New York City, Central Park11:51A Few Clouds676181Calm30.04
Somerville, Somerset Airport11:53Partly Cloudy686384S 330.01
Teterboro, Teterboro Airport11:51Mostly Cloudy706173Calm29.99
Trenton, Mercer County Airport11:53 Light Rain Fog/Mist646190Calm30.03
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