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Fort Davis TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Alpine, Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport21:35Overcast291967NE 13 G 2130.51
Dryden - Terrell County Airport20:53NA382765N 18 G 3030.44
Artesia Municipal Airport21:35Fair281969NW 530.56
Big Spring, Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport21:35Overcast and Breezy332162N 21 G 2630.53
Carlsbad, Cavern City Air Terminal Airport20:53Overcast341852N 930.54
Fort Stockton, Fort Stockton-Pecos County Airport20:53Overcast332161N 18 G 2630.50
Pine Springs, Guadalupe Mountains National Park20:51Overcast and Windy241775NE 30 G 3330.43
Seminole, Gaines County Airport21:35Overcast312063N 12 G 1830.56
Hobbs / Lea County21:35Partly Cloudy281455N 1230.52
Wink, Winkler County Airport20:53Mostly Cloudy332058N 13 G 2230.53
Midland, Midland International Airport20:53Overcast342159N 1630.50
Marfa20:56 Light Snow and Breezy282072N 2230.41
Odessa, Odessa-Schlemeyer Field20:53Overcast332058N 1330.50
Pecos, Pecos Municipal Airport21:35Overcast351953N 1430.56
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