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Westworth TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport20:53Mostly Cloudy29536N 1030.46
Abilene, Abilene Regional Airport20:52Overcast27743N 830.47
Dallas / Addison Airport21:15Fair29434N 830.49
Fort Worth, Fort Worth Alliance Airport20:53Mostly Cloudy30433N 1330.48
Dallas Love Field20:53Partly Cloudy29434N 9 G 2330.49
Denton Enterprise Airport20:53Overcast30433N 1330.50
Fort Worth, Meacham International Airport20:53Fair26540NW 730.49
Arlington Municipal Airport20:53Fair30636N 1230.48
Mineral Wells, Mineral Wells Airport20:53Overcast28334NW 830.48
Dallas, Redbird Airport20:53Fair28435N 930.46
Wichita Falls, Sheppard Air Force Base20:52Overcast26-229NE 1430.52
McKinney - McKinney National Airport20:53Fair30433N 1230.48
Terrell, Terrell Municipal Airport20:53Fair29739N 930.47
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