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4 Miles SE Pipe Creek TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Kerrville, Kerrville Municipal Airport/Louis Schreiner Field20:15 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain615889SW 20 G 3029.79
San Antonio Boerne Stage Field20:15Overcast727094N 1029.70
Austin City, Austin Camp Mabry19:51 Thunderstorm Light Rain716890E 10 G 2029.74
New Braunfels Regional Airport19:51Overcast and Breezy866957SE 25 G 3729.66
Castroville Municipal AirportNULLNULLNULL
Del Rio, Del Rio International Airport19:53Partly Cloudy755855N 17 G 3129.69
Rocksprings, Edwards County Airport20:15 Thunderstorm in Vicinity and Breezy725250NW 23 G 3129.78
Hondo, Hondo Municipal Airport18:51 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain and Breezy767082E 24 G 4029.63
Junction, Kimble County Airport19:51 Thunderstorm in Vicinity and Breezy785952W 24 G 3529.76
Ozona Municipal Airport20:15Overcast635577NW 529.79
San Antonio, San Antonio International Airport19:51 Thunderstorm and Breezy856959E 23 G 3929.60
Sonora, Sonora Municipal Airport20:15 Rain645573Calm29.80
Fredericksburg, Gillespie County Airport20:15 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain and Windy636194W 28 G 4129.73
Uvalde, Garner Field AirportNULLNULLNULL
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