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2 Miles NNE Mellen WI
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
John F Kennedy Memorial Airport00:53Fair433265W 16 G 3129.45
La Pointe - Major Gilbert Field02:35Overcast433265W 17 G 2329.45
Minocqua/Woodruff, Lakeland Airport/Noble F. Lee Memorial Field02:35Partly Cloudy391029NW 9 G 2229.44
Wausau Downtown Airport01:54Fair463771W 1029.48
Duluth International Airport01:55Overcast403068NW 18 G 2929.48
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport01:56Fair453774W 929.57
Eagle River Union Airport02:35Mostly Cloudy383484W 8 G 1729.41
Sawyer County Airport01:53Fair423165W 729.51
Ironwood, Gogebic-Iron County Airport01:56Overcast413167W 20 G 2629.43
Madison, Dane County Regional-Truax Field01:53Fair483663SW 729.57
Solon Springs Municipal Airport02:35Fair392865W 10 G 2329.53
Phillips / Price County02:35Fair403273W 6 G 1629.47
Rhinelander, Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport01:53Partly Cloudy393379W 1529.44
Richard I. Bong Airport02:55Mostly Cloudy423063W 18 G 2429.53
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