Public Information Statement
Issued by NWS Atlanta, GA

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NOUS42 KFFC 221741

141 PM EDT Thu Mar 22 2018

...Haralson County Tornado #1 has been added to NWS damage survey
for the 03/19/18 Tornado/Severe Weather Event...

...NWS Damage Survey For 03/19/18 Tornado/Severe Weather Event...

The first tornado to enter Haralson County (which was a
continuation of a tornado surveyed by NWS Birmingham) has been

An intense storm system impacted much of north and central
Georgia Monday evening (March 19), resulting in areas of
significant thunderstorm wind damage along with several tornadoes.
In conjunction with local/county emergency management, NWS
Peachtree City conducted two separate surveys, one in Haralson
County and the other in South Fulton County. Details on each event
are listed below.

.Haralson County Tornado #1...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    95 mph
Path Length /statute/:  1 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   400 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             Mar 19 2018
Start Time:             10:14 PM EDT
Start Location:         Broad St & GA/AL State Line;
                        4.7 mi WNW of Tallapoosa
Start Lat/Lon:          33.773952 / -85.361715

End Date:               Mar 19 2018
End Time:               10:15 PM EDT
End Location:           Edger Lane Cir between Broad St & Womack Rd;
                        3.8 mi WNW of Tallapoosa
End Lat/Lon:            33.775950 / -85.344136

This tornado is a continuation from the EF3 tornado that went
through Jacksonville, AL on 3/19/18. The above information details
from the damage survey conducted in Georgia ONLY. Details of the
damage observed in Alabama can be found in the Public Information
Statement released by NWS Birmingham.

This tornado moved into Georgia at approx 10:14 PM along Broad
street, snapping and uprooting several trees along the road. One
large Oak tree fell on a home 1/4 mile from the state line,
causing extensive damage to the structure. Other snapped and
fallen trees in this area accounted for the highest estimated wind
speeds of 95 mph for this tornado (on the Georgia portion of this
track); resulting in an EF1 rating. The tornado then quickly
dissipated after a surge within the rear-flank downdraft caused
the storm to occlude. The last damage observed by this tornado was
observed along Edger Lane Cir between Broad St and Womack Rd.

It`s worthy to note that after the tornado dissipated, extensive
damage to hundreds of trees was observed along Broad St and Hwy
120 (among other places). This was believed to have been caused
by two strong downbursts within the rear-flank downdraft as the
supercell occluded and not by the aforementioned tornado.


.Haralson County Tornado #2...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    90 mph
Path Length /statute/:  1.4 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   500 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               2

Start Date:             Mar 19 2018
Start Time:             10:25 PM EDT
Start Location:         0.7 miles north of Buchanan
Start Lat/Lon:          33.811526 / -85.192399

End Date:               Mar 19 2018
End Time:               10:27 PM EDT
End Location:           0.7 miles south of Buchanan
End Lat/Lon:            33.791592 / -85.188838

A short-lived but impactful tornado caused damage on the western
side of Buchanan on Monday evening. The tornado formed on the
backside of an occluding, cyclic supercell which had a history of
producing strong tornadoes in Alabama. After moving into Georgia,
multiple downbursts within the rear-flank downdraft caused
extensive straight-line wind damage, primarily along Broad St and
Hwy 120. Afterwards, the supercell began to occlude, during which
a tornado formed on the northern side of Buchanan and took a
southerly, cyclonically curved track for approximately 1.4 miles.

The tornado touched down near the New Vision Church Cemetery, at
approximately 10:25 PM, snapping and uprooting small trees as it
traveled SSW. Around 10:26 PM, the tornado grew in size to approx
500 yards as it crossed Hwy 120 just west of Business Hwy 24. Here
it uprooted and snapped several very large trees and wind speeds
of 90 mph were estimated by the degree of damage observed; wind
speeds equating to a low-end EF1. Just south of Hwy 120 on
Tallapoosa St. a large tree fell on a home, seriously injuring 2
people inside. The tornado then continued SSE, snapping and
uprooting several more small trees before dissipating at approx
10:27 PM just west of Business Hwy 24 between Jeffers St. and
Macedonia Church Rd.


.South Fulton County Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:    120 mph
Path Length /statute/:  0.5 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   315 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             Mar 19 2018
Start Time:             11:11 PM EDT
Start Location:         4.5 miles northwest of Fairburn
Start Lat/Lon:          33.622599 / -84.625235

End Date:               Mar 19 2018
End Time:               11:14 PM EDT
End Location:           5 miles north-northwest of Fairburn
End Lat/Lon:            33.626745 / -84.617553

Survey Summary:
A very brief but strong tornado wrapped up and touched down in the
South Fulton community between Fairburn and Campbellton, late on
Monday evening. Much of the damage was to 2-story residential
homes in the Chestnut Ridge neighborhood. More than 50 homes
sustained some visible damage with at least half of these seeing
significant damage. The worst of the damage occurred along Jumpers
Trace between Jodhpur Road and Suffolk Lane. In this small area,
numerous homes had large sections of the roof removed along with
large pieces of the exterior walls (mainly on one or two sides)
removed. Based on this consistent structural damage, the tornado
earned its EF-2 rating with maximum winds estimated around 120
mph. Large trees running along the north and east areas of the
neighborhood were snapped or uprooted.

As quickly as the tornado developed, it dissipated as the
supercell tracked east across Hwy 92 just north of Jones Road.
Just east of Hwy 92 in a separate neighborhood, there was one
house that lost part of its roof and several along Winstar Lane
that only lost shingles or small pieces of siding. Just past this
location, there was no further damage seen, hence the ending
point being around 1/2 mile away from its starting location.

NWS Survey conducted by: Nadler


EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 TO 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 TO 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 TO 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 TO 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 TO 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.

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