Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Mt. Holly, NJ

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SRUS41 KPHI 170146
Hydrologic Observations
National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ

.A X3970755 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.93"LAT=39.730000 LON=-75.530000  Wilmington  DEOS "/
.A X3900748 0416 Z DH1620/DVH19/PPV 1.58"LAT=38.972400 LON=-74.838800  Wildwood Crest  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3970756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.54"LAT=39.666400 LON=-75.570400  New Castle  DEOS "/
.A X3940757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.01"LAT=39.394100 LON=-75.693000  Townsend  DEOS "/
.A X3910755 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 1.93"LAT=39.129000 LON=-75.465000  Dover Air Force Base  AWOS "/
.A X4060747 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.40"LAT=40.625000 LON=-74.670000  Somerset Airport  ASOS "/
.A X3850756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.58"LAT=38.458800 LON=-75.570100  Delmar  DEOS "/
.A X4000748 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.00"LAT=40.010000 LON=-74.794000  Mount Holly WFO  NWS Office "/
.A X3980751 0416 Z DH1550/DVH19/PPV 2.51"LAT=39.766503 LON=-75.144344  Sewell  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4100743 0416 Z DH1625/DVH19/PPV 3.38"LAT=40.999500 LON=-74.346300  Butler  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3980756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.77"LAT=39.779001 LON=-75.598260  Greenville  DEOS "/
.A X3990752 0416 Z DH2315/DVH26/PPV 2.21"LAT=39.910000 LON=-75.210000  South Philadelphia  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3860752 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.52"LAT=38.574279 LON=-75.170463  Indian River Acres  DEOS "/
.A X3940757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.76"LAT=39.370945 LON=-75.659096  Blackbird  DEOS "/
.A X3990757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.67"LAT=39.949700 LON=-75.680600  Marshallton  DEOS "/
.A X4060742 0416 Z DH1535/DVH19/PPV 3.92"LAT=40.564600 LON=-74.247000  Port Reading  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3910754 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.38"LAT=39.102613 LON=-75.402141  Kitts Hummock  DEOS "/
.A X3990749 0416 Z DH1430/DVH18/PPV 2.27"LAT=39.933800 LON=-74.928200  Mount Laurel  Meteorologist "/
.A X3970753 0416 Z DH2000/DVH23/PPV 3.25"LAT=39.748100 LON=-75.311400  Swedesboro  Social Media "/
.A X4010755 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.22"LAT=40.074550 LON=-75.535198  Devault  DEOS "/
.A X4120746 0416 Z DH2025/DVH23/PPV 1.60"LAT=41.210000 LON=-74.610000  Sussex  Social Media "/
.A X4010750 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.47"LAT=40.081000 LON=-75.010000  NE Philadelphia Airport  ASOS "/
.A X4010756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.13"LAT=40.095000 LON=-75.617200  Chester Springs  DEOS "/
.A X4030748 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.33"LAT=40.276000 LON=-74.813000  Trenton Mercer Airport  ASOS "/
.A X3880756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.65"LAT=38.807400 LON=-75.592100  Greenwood  DEOS "/
.A X4070745 0416 Z DH1550/DVH19/PPV 2.47"LAT=40.706100 LON=-74.549700  Basking Ridge  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3970758 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.60"LAT=39.676600 LON=-75.757700  Newark  DEOS "/
.A X4050750 0416 Z DH2210/DVH25/PPV 2.20"LAT=40.480000 LON=-75.030000  Kingwood Twp  Social Media "/
.A X4050750 0416 Z DH2215/DVH25/PPV 2.20"LAT=40.480000 LON=-75.030000  Kingwood Twp  Social Media "/
.A X3950756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.65"LAT=39.516700 LON=-75.576900  Port Penn  DEOS "/
.A X3980752 0416 Z DH1855/DVH22/PPV 2.98"LAT=39.833400 LON=-75.199600  West Deptford  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4060748 0416 Z DH1915/DVH22/PPV 2.34"LAT=40.643900 LON=-74.835100  Lebanon  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4000746 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 1.94"LAT=40.015000 LON=-74.591000  Joint Base Mdl  AWOS "/
.A X4110754 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 1.75"LAT=41.137000 LON=-75.380000  Pocono Mountains Airport  ASOS "/
.A X4070751 0416 Z DH1410/DVH17/PPV 2.04"LAT=40.693711 LON=-75.111007  Stewartsville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4100746 0416 Z DH1739/DVH21/PPV 2.65"LAT=40.960000 LON=-74.590000  Jefferson Twp  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3970751 0416 Z DH1830/DVH22/PPV 3.35"LAT=39.731300 LON=-75.129500  Pitman  Trained Spotter "/
.A LLE-020 0416 Z DH1600/DVH19/PPV 2.20"LAT=40.497604 LON=-74.529321  Middlebush  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4090744 0416 Z DH2115/DVH24/PPV 3.19"LAT=40.859400 LON=-74.423900  Parsippany  Social Media "/
.A X4030751 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.85"LAT=40.333000 LON=-75.122000  Doylestown Airport  ASOS "/
.A X3850751 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.51"LAT=38.538000 LON=-75.065400  Bethany Beach  DEOS "/
.A X4020758 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.01"LAT=40.165097 LON=-75.783816  Warwick  DEOS "/
.A X4020754 0416 Z DH1615/DVH19/PPV 1.62"LAT=40.157900 LON=-75.407800  Eagleville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4020756 0416 Z DH2306/DVH26/PPV 2.66"LAT=40.249700 LON=-75.640300  Pottstown  Social Media "/
.A X3910755 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.22"LAT=39.146400 LON=-75.503300  Capitol Park  DEOS "/
.A X3920755 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.43"LAT=39.159000 LON=-75.517000  Dover  DEOS "/
.A X3870754 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.57"LAT=38.690000 LON=-75.390000  Georgetown  DEOS "/
.A X3870756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.76"LAT=38.743300 LON=-75.602400  Bridgeville  DEOS "/
.A X4070757 0416 Z DH2030/DVH24/PPV 1.68"LAT=40.701484 LON=-75.706856  Germansville  Social Media "/
.A X3910756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.18"LAT=39.070300 LON=-75.568500  Woodside  DEOS "/
.A X4030741 0417 Z DH0031/DVH28/PPV 3.17"LAT=40.256779 LON=-74.074584  Wayside  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3950745 0416 Z DH1415/DVH17/PPV 2.08"LAT=39.490000 LON=-74.530000  E Galloway Twp  Social Media "/
.A X3930756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.66"LAT=39.295400 LON=-75.607700  Smyrna  DEOS "/
.A X3860753 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.87"LAT=38.640947 LON=-75.339915  Stockley  DEOS "/
.A X3880754 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.84"LAT=38.807100 LON=-75.424300  Ellendale  DEOS "/
.A X3900755 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.33"LAT=39.008900 LON=-75.464800  Frederica  DEOS "/
.A X4030756 0416 Z DH2240/DVH26/PPV 2.37"LAT=40.322800 LON=-75.609000  Gilbertsville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4060748 0416 Z DH2200/DVH25/PPV 2.51"LAT=40.570000 LON=-74.800000  Readington Twp  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4060748 0416 Z DH1430/DVH18/PPV 2.39"LAT=40.570000 LON=-74.800000  Readington Twp  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3990748 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.03"LAT=39.942000 LON=-74.845000  South Jersey Airport  ASOS "/
.A X3980750 0416 Z DH1400/DVH17/PPV 2.59"LAT=39.815800 LON=-74.990200  Lindenwold  Meteorologist "/
.A X4010758 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.66"LAT=40.088900 LON=-75.772200  Glenmoore  DEOS "/
.A NJ-SM-65 0416 Z DH1400/DVH17/PPV 2.83"LAT=40.467730 LON=-74.621800  1 SSE Hillsborough  CoCoRaHS "/
.A X3890756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.83"LAT=38.922700 LON=-75.572300  Harrington  DEOS "/
.A X3880751 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.62"LAT=38.774557 LON=-75.139350  Lewes  DEOS "/
.A X3950746 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.30"LAT=39.457000 LON=-74.577000  Atlantic City Intl Airport  ASOS "/
.A X3990747 0416 Z DH2338/DVH27/PPV 2.50"LAT=39.910000 LON=-74.730000  Southampton Twp  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3870754 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.20"LAT=38.687000 LON=-75.359000  Sussex County Airport  ASOS "/
.A X4000756 0416 Z DH1340/DVH17/PPV 2.10"LAT=40.031600 LON=-75.630000  Exton  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3920757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.01"LAT=39.227200 LON=-75.665800  Kenton  DEOS "/
.A NKI-014 0416 Z DH1330/DVH17/PPV 2.65"LAT=40.002800 LON=-75.271100  Wynnewood  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3960757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.77"LAT=39.604700 LON=-75.745500  Glasgow  DEOS "/
.A X3990752 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.84"LAT=39.890000 LON=-75.250000  Philadelphia Intl Airport  ASOS "/
.A X3970756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.72"LAT=39.737057 LON=-75.622150  Prices Corner  DEOS "/
.A X4000756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 2.07"LAT=39.960600 LON=-75.605500  West Chester  DEOS "/
.A X4020756 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 2.07"LAT=40.239000 LON=-75.556000  Pottstown Airport  ASOS "/
.A X4050746 0416 Z DH1330/DVH17/PPV 2.34"LAT=40.477604 LON=-74.626824  Hillsborough  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3970757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.55"LAT=39.729200 LON=-75.731100  1 W Smith Mill Farms  DEOS "/
.A OLO-001 0416 Z DH1300/DVH16/PPV 3.24"LAT=39.296700 LON=-75.176900  Newport  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3870753 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.80"LAT=38.724835 LON=-75.284912  Harbeson  DEOS "/
.A X3900757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.90"LAT=39.033300 LON=-75.719200  Sandtown  DEOS "/
.A X3960759 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.66"LAT=39.600200 LON=-75.942500  North East  DEOS "/
.A X3980757 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.67"LAT=39.843700 LON=-75.711700  Kennett Square  DEOS "/
.A X3860756 0416 Z DH1900/DVH22/PPV 1.71"LAT=38.555000 LON=-75.573100  Laurel  DEOS "/
.A X3990748 0416 Z DH2235/DVH26/PPV 2.22"LAT=39.865948 LON=-74.849330  Lake Pine  Social Media "/
.A K12N 0416 Z DH1800/DVH21/PPV 1.62"LAT=41.008000 LON=-74.738000  Aeroflex-Andover Airport  AWOS "/


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