Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Mt. Holly, NJ

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SRUS41 KPHI 271511
Hydrologic Observations
National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ

.A X4030751 0527 Z DH1142/DVH25/PPV 1.98"LAT=40.254900 LON=-75.089200  Jamison  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4020745 0527 Z DH1245/DVH26/PPV 6.00"LAT=40.250000 LON=-74.520000  East Windsor Twp  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4020747 0527 Z DH1255/DVH26/PPV 4.06"LAT=40.237054 LON=-74.686548  Mercerville  Emergency Manager "/
.A X4020747 0527 Z DH1229/DVH25/PPV 3.69"LAT=40.237054 LON=-74.686548  Mercerville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4040748 0527 Z DH1229/DVH25/PPV 3.16"LAT=40.389000 LON=-74.764000  Hopewell  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4020745 0527 Z DH1355/DVH27/PPV 4.63"LAT=40.206500 LON=-74.477930  Robinsville  Social Media "/
.A X4020749 0527 Z DH1200/DVH25/PPV 3.30"LAT=40.177400 LON=-74.918800  Langhorne  CoCoRaHS "/
.A X4040748 0527 Z DH1200/DVH25/PPV 5.04"LAT=40.365000 LON=-74.844000  3 E West Amwell Twp  Mesonet "/
.A X4030748 0527 Z DH1229/DVH25/PPV 2.18"LAT=40.265400 LON=-74.801200  Ewing  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4010741 0527 Z DH0940/DVH23/PPV 4.24"LAT=40.141000 LON=-74.079000  2 S Wall Twp  Mesonet "/
.A X4010741 0527 Z DH0845/DVH22/PPV 3.19"LAT=40.141000 LON=-74.079000  2 S Wall Twp  Mesonet "/
.A X4020742 0527 Z DH1220/DVH25/PPV 2.37"LAT=40.191700 LON=-74.200000  Howell  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4030747 0527 Z DH1200/DVH25/PPV 6.00"LAT=40.258000 LON=-74.669000  2 N Mercerville-Hamilton Square  Mesonet "/
.A X4030747 0527 Z DH1200/DVH25/PPV 5.54"LAT=40.258000 LON=-74.669000  2 N Mercerville-Hamilton Square  Mesonet "/
.A X4040746 0527 Z DH1220/DVH25/PPV 3.13"LAT=40.413400 LON=-74.562600  Kendall Park  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4030751 0527 Z DH1054/DVH24/PPV 3.75"LAT=40.333000 LON=-75.122000  Doylestown Airport  ASOS "/
.A X4030746 0527 Z DH1307/DVH26/PPV 3.28"LAT=40.333441 LON=-74.600434  Plainsboro  Social Media "/
.A X4040747 0527 Z DH1229/DVH25/PPV 2.41"LAT=40.352200 LON=-74.657000  Princeton  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4030741 0526 Z DH2307/DVH12/PPV 2.17"LAT=40.330000 LON=-74.094000  1 NNW West Shrewsbury  Mesonet "/
.A X4030747 0527 Z DH1229/DVH25/PPV 2.29"LAT=40.301400 LON=-74.730200  Lawrenceville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4030741 0527 Z DH1415/DVH27/PPV 4.36"LAT=40.272400 LON=-74.089200  Tinton Falls  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4040747 0527 Z DH1226/DVH25/PPV 2.20"LAT=40.420000 LON=-74.715000  Skillman  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4040750 0527 Z DH1040/DVH24/PPV 3.63"LAT=40.363000 LON=-75.017000  1 SW Solebury Twp  Mesonet "/


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