Daily Hydrometeorological Products
Issued by NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan, WI

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Wisconsin Max/Min Temperatures and Precipitation By Area
National Weather Service Milwaukee/Sullivan Wisconsin
917 AM CST Mon Mar 1 2021

Unless otherwise noted, data from individual observers is for the
24 hours ending around 7 AM today.  The ending time of the 24 hour
period for any individual observer is from around 5 AM to around
9 AM.  Most locations report once every 24 hours. In some weather
situations, the reported low temperature may reflect conditions
from the previous morning.  The maximum temperature from airports
is for the time period 12 AM to 12 AM.  The minimum temperature
from airports is for the previous 12 hours ending at 6 AM.
Precipitation measurements at airports are taken from heated
automated rain gauges and represent the previous 24 hours since
6 AM.  Rainfall reports from other supplemental automated rain
gauges are indicated with an *.  Most supplemental automated rain
gauge data is only available during the warm season.  This report
is compiled by an automated program and the data is only partially
quality controlled. Errors may occur.

Data is provided courtesy of various public agencies, utility
companies and volunteer weather observers including NWS COOP
observers and the CoCoRaHS Network.

                                                         Snow  Snow
                                        High Low  Precip Fall  Depth
                                        Temp Temp  (in.) (in.) (in.)

          -Northwest Wis.-
-ID-   -County-      -Location-
DLH                Duluth, MN-Airport      28    2  0.09   1.2   12
DYT                Duluth-5 SE-Sky Harb*   30    7
SUW    Douglas     Superior-Airport        32    5
SOSW3  Douglas     S. Superior 2S-River*
WDG11  Douglas     Superior-7 SW-COCO.
WDG16  Douglas     Poplar-2 E-COCO.
WDG14  Douglas     Poplar-8 SW-COCO.
GORW3  Douglas     Gordon-COOP
BRSW3  Douglas     Brule-DNR (Mid-Mid)
SSPW3  Douglas     Solon Springs-W-COOP
BYFW3  Bayfield    Bayfield-9N-UCOOP
BFHW3  Bayfield    Bayfield-Fish H-UCOOP
WBY15  Bayfield    Bayfield-2SW-WWTP-COCO           0.40   4.2
WSHW3  Bayfield    Ino-8 N-DNR-Auto.*      31    4
WBY14  Bayfield    Ashland-10 W-COCO.               0.32   3.2   18
AEFW3  Bayfield    Ashland-4W-Farm-COOP
WBY13  Bayfield    Ashland-3 SW-COCO.
WTLW3  Bayfield    Ashland 4W-Whittlesey*
WBY05  Bayfield    Iron River-7 SE-COCO.
BRNW3  Bayfield    Barnes-RAWS-DNR-Auto.*  32    4
WBY06  Bayfield    Barnes-2 S-COCO.                 0.40   4.5   18
CLRW3  Bayfield    Clam Lake-4 NW-RAWS*    30    4
CMKW3  Bayfield    Clam L-4W-L Five-UCOOP  28    2  0.32   6.0   19
CABW3  Bayfield    Cable-3 S-Leonards
DANW3  Burnett     Danbury-10NE-S.C. Riv*
DNBW3  Burnett     Danbury-3 E
WEBW3  Burnett     Webster-9SE-COOP
WBT02  Burnett     Hertel-5 NE-COCO.
RZN    Burnett     Siren-Airport           34    9
WBT01  Burnett     Grantsburg-1 SW-COCO.            0.15   2.0
LNDW3  Burnett     Grantsburg-6 SW-DNR*    35   10
MRZW3  Washburn    Minong-8 NW-Auto*       32    5
WWB02  Washburn    Stone Lake-2 NW-COCO.            0.36   5.6   21
SRAW3  Washburn    Sarona-UCOOP
WWB09  Washburn    Spooner-7 NE-COCO.
WWB11  Washburn    Spooner-2 NW-COCO.
SPOW3  Washburn    Spooner-WWTP-COOP
WSR01  Sawyer      Hayward-9 NE-COCO.               0.27   4.3   17
HWDW3  Sawyer      Hayward-2 NE-DNR-Auto*  34    7
HYR    Sawyer      Hayward-2 NE-Airport    33    8
HYRW3  Sawyer      Hayward-Ranger-COOP
WTRW3  Sawyer      Winter-COOP
WERW3  Sawyer      Winter-4 NW-Chip. Riv*
WPK04  Polk        Dresser-6 SE-COCO.
OEO    Polk        Osceola-Airport         37   11
WPK14  Polk        Osceola-2 NE-COCO.
WPK07  Polk        Amery-7 NW-COCO.
WPK19  Polk        Amery-3 S-COCO.
CBLW3  Barron      Cumberland-WWTP-COOP    30    7  0.11   3.8    9
RPD    Barron      Rice Lake-Airport       36   11
WBR17  Barron      Turtle Lk.-4 S-COCO.             0.40   2.9
WBR02  Barron      Chetek-2 SE-COCO.                0.38   3.0    9
WBR18  Barron      Chetek-5.8 SW-COCO.
RCX    Rusk        Ladysmith-4 NE-Arpt     37    9
WRS01  Rusk        Ladysmith-2 NW-COCO.
LADW3  Rusk        Ladysmith-WWTP-COOP
LDSW3  Rusk        Ladysmith-3 SW-COOP
LDYW3  Rusk        Ladysmith-2 SW-Auto.*   36    9
WRS03  Rusk        Bruce-2 E-COCO.                  0.42   4.5   11
BRCW3  Rusk        Bruce-7 SE-Flambeau R*
BGFW3  Rusk        Tony-6 N-Big Falls
SHEW3  Rusk        Sheldon-Jump River*
WCH03  Chippewa    Cornell-4 W-COCO.
BMRW3  Chippewa    Bloomer-1 S-COOP        33       0.12   0.0    0
CHPW3  Chippewa    Chippewa Falls-COOP
EAU    Chippewa    Eau Claire-Airport      36   17  0.13   0.1    2
JIMW3  Chippewa    Jim Falls-3 NW-COOP     37   15  0.28   0.9    3
-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -North Central Wis.-
APOW3  Ashland     La Pointe-10 NE-Auto*
MAIW3  Ashland     La Pointe-Mad. I.-COOP
WAS06  Ashland     Odanah-2 E-COCO.                 0.29   3.5   10
ODNW3  Ashland     Odanah-DNR*
ASWW3  Ashalnd     Ashland-West-UCOOP
ASXW3  Ashland     Ashland-3S-Airport
WHRW3  Ashland     Ashland-5 S-White R.*
BUTW3  Ashland     Butternut-3N-COOP       31   -1         8.0
GDNW3  Ashland     Glidden-1 NW-Auto*      29    4
SXHW3  Iron        Saxon-5NW-Harbor-Auto*  31   13
GURW3  Iron        Saxon-1 SW-COOP
HURW3  Iron        Hurley-COOP
IRMM4              Ironwood MI-WWTP-COOP   28    5  0.45   8.0   20
IWD                Ironwood, MI-Airport    30    8
UPSW3  Iron        Upson (6pm-6pm)
WIR02  Iron        Mercer-2 SE-COCO.
WVL03  Vilas       Presque Isle-1 NW-COCO
WVL10  Vilas       L. O Lks-4NW-Conserve
LNOW3  Vilas       L. O lakes-12W-UCOOP             0.72   8.8   25
LNL    Vilas       Land O Lakes-Airport    32   10
LVDW3  Vilas       Phelps-5NE-LVD-COOP              0.63   6.0   32
PHEW3  Vilas       Phelps-WWTP-COOP
PLPW3  Vilas       Phelps-2 SW-Auto.*      31    8
RLKW3  Vilas       Man. Waters-Arpt-COOP
ARV    Vilas       Woodruff-2 NW-Airport   34    9
EARW3  Vilas       Eagle River-WWTP-COOP
EGRW3  Vilas       Eagle Riv.-So.-UCOOP    34    8  0.55   6.0   19
EVRW3  Vilas       Eagle R.-4E-Cran-UCOOP  32    8  0.45   5.1   18
AVTW3  Vilas       Arbor V-John. Lk-UCOOP  31    7  0.35   4.6   17
WVL13  Vilas       St. Germain-1 SW-COCO.
WPR02  Price       Park Falls-8 NW-COCO.            0.72   8.8   23
WPR04  Price       Park Falls-1 N-COCO              0.70   7.8
PKFW3  Price       Park Falls-COOP
PBH    Price       Phillips-Airport        33    5
WPR06  Price       Phillips-1 S-COCO.
MQRW3  Oneida      Minocqua-COOP           31    3  0.50   4.6   16
WUFW3  Oneida      Woodruff-3 SE-DNR*      32    7
WILW3  Oneida      Hazelhurst-Willow-COOP           0.50   5.0   12
LTMW3  Oneida      Lk Tomahawk-2SE-UCOOP            0.25   4.0   17
WON02  Oneida      Rhinelander-6 NW-COCO.
WON06  Oneida      Rhinelander-5 N-COCO.            0.40   3.5   16
RHLW3  Oneida      Rhinelander-4NE-COOP    33    4  0.29   2.6   14
WON01  Oneida      Rhinelander-3 NW-COCO.
WON04  Oneida      Rhinelander-1 SW-COCO.
RHI    Oneida      Rhinelander-2W-Airpt.   33    7  0.35   2.7   14
RHIW3  Oneida      Rhinelander-SW-COOP     32    6  0.30   2.0   15
WON07  Oneida      Tomahawk-7 NW-COCO.
TAKW3  Lincoln     Tomahawk-Bradley-COOP   33    6  0.33   3.2   15
TAWW3  Lincoln     Tomahawk-3 W-DNR*       34    6
TKV    Lincoln     Tomahawk-4 W-Airport    33    9
TRIW3  Lincoln     Spirit Falls-Spirit R*
WLN04  Lincoln     Irma-1 SW-COCO.
MRLW3  Lincoln     Merrill 5NE-Prairie R*
RRL    Lincoln     Merrill-Airport         34   13
ERRW3  Lincoln     Merrill-4 W (6pm-6pm)            0.11     T   10
MLLW3  Lincoln     Merrill-8 W-UCOOP                0.12     T   10
MDZ    Taylor      Medford-Airport         33   12
MEDW3  Taylor      Medford-WWTP-COOP
DMLW3  Taylor      Lublin-2NE-Diam. Lk*    35   13
OENW3  Clark       Owen-6 SE-COOP
NELW3  Clark       Neillsville-3SE-COOP
NEIW3  Clark       Neillsville-Black Rvr*
AUW    Marathon    Wausau-Downtown         35   15  0.13     T
WMT04  Marathon    Wausau-2 NE-COCO.                0.03          8
WUNW3  Marathon    Wausau-Northeast-UCOOP           0.07     T    8
WUUW3  Marathon    Wausau-Dam-WVIC                  0.03
WMT01  Marathon    Schofield-3 E-COCO.
WMT03  Marathon    Schofield-2 SE-COCO.
STRW3  Marathon    Stratford 1N-Big EP R*
STRW3  Marathon    Stratford-COOP                            T    3
SPCW3  Marathon    Spencer-WWTP-UCOOP                      0.0    2
CWA    Marathon    Mosinee-Cnt Wi Airport  34   16
MNEW3  Marathon    Mosinee-2 SE-DNR-Auto*  37   17
EPLW3  Marathon    Knowlton-4W-Big EP Dam           0.00
WMT13  Marathon    Mosinee-6S-Dancy-COCO.           0.01
-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -Northeast Wis.-
ALVW3  Forest      Alvin-3 NW-UCOOP
AGNW3  Forest      Argonne-2 NW-COOP                0.29   2.9   16
CNNW3  Forest      Crand.-Met. Lk-UCOOP
CRDW3  Forest      Crand.-5 SE-Lucerne
MOLW3  Forest      Mole Lk-Sokaogon-UCOOP
LAAW3  Forest      Laona-1 SW-DNR*         34   10
FLNW3  Florence    Florence-Utility-COOP
WFL03  Florence    Florence-1 SE-COCO.
AURW3  Florence    Aurora-UCOOP                     0.09   0.2    9
ARRW3  Florence    Aurora-4 W-UCOOP
IMT                Iron Mt. MI-Airport     35   12
IRNM4              Kingsford MI WWTP-COOP
ABGW3  Marinette   Amberg-9 E-UCOOP        46   17  0.01   0.0    5
WMR03  Marinette   Amberg-1 SW-COCO.
ASTW3  Marinette   Athelstane-2 SE-UCOOP
ATHW3  Marinette   Athelstane 10SW-Pes R*
CRVW3  Marinette   Crivitz-10 NW-Hi Falls  38   13  0.00   0.0   12
PBIW3  Marinette   Pembine 11 SE-Men. R*
WUEW3  Marinette   Wausaukee-1 NW-DNR*     42   16
WSKW3  Marinette   Wausaukee-DNR-COOP                  T   0.0    5
CVZW3  Marinette   Crivitz-WPS-UCOOP                              6
PFDW3  Marinette   Porterfield-Pesh. Riv*
PSHW3  Marinette   Peshtigo-WWTP-COOP      42   17  0.00   0.0    3
MRIW3  Marinette   Marinette-WWTP-COOP     49   17  0.00   0.0    2
MRTW3  Marinette   Marinette-WPS-UCOOP
MENM4              Menominee,MI
MNM                Menominee, MI-Airport   40   20
SULW3  Langlade    Summit Lake-COOP                 0.22   1.0    9
LGLW3  Langlade    Langlade-Wolf River*
WLKW3  Langlade    Langlade-DNR-COOP                0.01     T   10
AGOW3  Langlade    Antigo-2 NE-DNR*        34   11
ANTW3  Langlade    Antigo-Airport-COOP              0.00   0.0    9
AIG    Langlade    Antigo-Airport*         33   10
MOUW3  Oconto      Mountain-1 SW-UCOOP
BREW3  Oconto      Suring-WWTP-COOP        38   15  0.00   0.0   10
OCNW3  Oconto      Oconto-4W-Radio-COOP
OCFW3  Oconto      Oconto Falls-UCOOP
ILEW3  Oconto      Stiles-1 S-UCOOP                    T   0.0    4
PULW3  Oconto      Pulaski-WWTP-COOP                   T   0.0    4
KEHW3  Menominee   Keshena-NW-Fstry-Auto*  38   17
KSAW3  Menominee   Keshena-NW-UCOOP
BOWW3  Shawano     Bowler-4 E-COOP                  0.00   0.0    2
CECW3  Shawano     Cecil-6 NE-UCOOP
PELW3  Shawano     Pella-3 SE-UCOOP
SHHW3  Shawano     Shawano-WWTP-COOP       38    8     T   0.0    3
SNOW3  Shawano     Shawano-4 SE-UCOOP
WSW03  Shawano     Tigerton-2 SE-COCO.                 T
EMBW3  Shawano     Embarrass 4NW-Emb Riv*
WSW05  Shawano     Pulaski-4 W-COCO.                   T   0.0

-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -West Central Wis.-
WSC24  St. Croix   Deer Park-3 SE-COCO.
RNH    St. Croix   New Richmond-Airport    37   11
WSC21  St. Croix   Cylon-7 NE-COCO.
BALW3  St. Croix   Baldwin-WWTP-COOP       32    8  0.21   1.5    7
ROBW3  St. Croix   Roberts-WWTP-COOP                0.02   0.6    7
WDN11  Dunn        Prairie Farm-5SW-COCO.
WDN01  Dunn        Boyceville-3 N-COCO.             0.28   1.8   10
WHEW3  Dunn        Wheeler-North-Hay Riv*
WDN05  Dunn        Elk Mound-1 NE-COCO.
ELKW3  Dunn        Elk Mound-UCOOP
WDN10  Dunn        Menomonie-7 NW-COCO.             0.11
LUM    Dunn        Menomonie-Airport       33   14
MEMW3  Dunn        Menomonie-1 SW-WWTP
WDN09  Dunn        Menomonie-10 SE-COCO.
WPC11  Pierce      River Falls-1 NW-COCO.
WPC05  Pierce      River Falls-1 SW-COCO.           0.07   1.0    7
WPC10  Pierce      River Falls-1 S-COCO.            0.12   1.0    7
WPC24  Pierce      River Falls-5 SE-COCO
WPC19  Pierce      Prescott-NW-COCO.
WPC22  Pierce      Ellsworth-1 S-COCO.
DURW3  Pepin       Durand-Chip. R.-USGS*
DRDW3  Pepin       Durand-WWTP-COOP        35   16  0.08   0.5    2
WPP04  Pepin       Durand-SW-COCO.
WPP02  Pepin       Stockholm-3 NE-COCO.             0.06   0.5    8
WEC18  Eau Claire  Eau Claire-2 W-COCO.
ECTW3  Eau Claire  Eau Claire-River-USGS*
WEC14  Eau Claire  Eau Claire-3 W-COCO.                    0.2
ELRW3  Eau Claire  Eau Claire-3 SW-COOP
WEC05  Eau Claire  Altoona-SW-COCO.
WEC16  Eau Claire  Augusta-5 NW-COCO.
AFWW3  Eau Claire  Augusta-1 N-Auto.*      36   17
AGSW3  Eau Claire  Augusta-Ranger Station
MDIW3  Buffalo     Mondovi-COOP (6pm-6pm)           0.10     T
ALMW3  Buffalo     Alma-Dam-COE                     0.04   0.5
PIGW3  Trempealeau Pigeon Falls-Alert*
WHIW3  Trempealeau Whitehall-Alert*
IDPW3  Trempealeau Independence-Alert*
TBLW3  Trempealeau Blair-Lk Henry-Alert*
TREW3  Trempealeau Trempealeau-Dam-COE
HABW3  Jackson     Hatfield-Dam-UCOOP
WJK01  Jackson     Bl. Riv Falls-2NE-COCO           0.03   0.2
BLKW3  Jackson     Bl. RIV. Fls-WWTP-COOP           0.02   0.1    3
BFWW3  Jackson     Bl. Riv. Falls-1E-DNR*  38   19
MATW3  Jackson     Mather-3 NW-COOP        40   21     T     T    6
HMNW3  La Crosse   Holmen-2 S                       0.02   0.2    2
ONAW3  La Crosse   Onalaska
WSLW3  La Crosse   West Salem-UCOOP
WLC15  La Crosse   West Salem-1 SW-COCO.
LCFW3  La Crosse   La Cr-4NW-French-COOP            0.01   0.2    3
LSE    La Crosse   La Crosse-Airport       40   21     T     T    3
ARX    La Crosse   La Crosse-NWS-Ridge                            6
SRTW3  Monroe      Sparta-WWTP-COOP        37   17     T          2
STYW3  Monroe      Ft McCoy-Stillwell Ck*
CMY    Monroe      Ft McCoy Arprt          37   20
TOMW3  Monroe      Tomah
WMN04  Monroe      Wilton-4 E-COCO.
WMN05  Monroe      Cashton-5 N-COCO.
CTNW3  Monroe      Cashton-3NW-WWTP-COOP

-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -Central Wis.-
MFI    Wood        Marshfield-Airport      36   17
MFDW3  Wood        Marshfield-3SE-UW Farm  39   14  0.01   0.0    4
WWD04  Wood        Pittsville-NE-COCO.
PITW3  Wood        Pittsville-WWTP-UCOOP            0.00   0.0    5
ISW    Wood        Wis. Rapids-Airport     38   19
WIRW3  Wood        Wis. Rapids-Power                0.00   0.0
WIPW3  Wood        Wis. Rapids-SE-UCOOP                T   0.0    4
WWD02  Wood        Wis. Rapids-5SE-COCO.
NEPW3  Wood        Port Edwards-Nepco Lk            0.00
WWD07  Wood        Nekoosa-4 SW-COCO.
NKAW3  Wood        Nekoosa-6SE-DNR Fire*   39   19
BBCW3  Wood        Babcock-Yellow River*
BBCW3  Wood        Babcock-COOP
RSTW3  Portage     Rosholt-So.-COOP
WPT08  Portage     Junction City-4S-COCO            0.01   0.0    6
STPW3  Portage     Stevens Pt-WWTP-COOP    37   17  0.00   0.0    5
STE    Portage     Stevens Point-Airport   36   17
WPT10  Portage     Custer-4 N-COCO.
WPT09  Portage     Plover-2 N-COCO.
WPT06  Portage     Plover-1 E-COCO.
WPT11  Portage     Plover-2 W-COCO.
PVRW3  Portage     Plover-2 E-Water-UCOOP
PLOW3  Portage     Plover-South-UCOOP      37   18  0.02   0.0    4
AMRW3  Portage     Amherst-UCOOP
AMHW3  Portage     Amherst-3 SE-UCOOP                  T   0.0    5
AMDW3  Portage     Almond-5 NE-UCOOP
BFSW3  Waupaca     Big Falls-5NW-HAM/UCOOP
CNTW3  Waupaca     Clintonville-WWTP-COOP  39   17  0.00   0.0    3
CLI    Waupaca     Clintonville-Airport    39   20
ROYW3  Waupaca     Royalton-L. Wolf Rvr*
WWWW3  Waupaca     Waupaca-Radio-COOP      41   22  0.00   0.0    4
PCZ    Waupaca     Waupaca-4 SE-Airport    41   23
WPCW3  Waupaca     Waupaca-5 SE-Waup. R.*
NLDW3  Waupaca     New London-WWTP-UCOOP
NEWW3  Waupaca     New London-Wolf R.*
NCHW3  Juneau      Necedah-4 NW-Auto.*     38   19
PETW3  Juneau      Necedah-3NE-Petenwell
NEHW3  Juneau      Necedah-1 W-DNR Fire*   40   20
NCAW3  Juneau      Necedah-Yellow R.*
VOK    Juneau      Camp Douglas-Volk Fld            0.00          8
CROW3  Juneau      Mauston-6NE-Castle Rk
WAD05  Adams       Rome-2SW-L Arrowh-COCO              T
WAD09  Adams       Big Flats-2 E-COCO.
FRSW3  Adams       Friendship-COOP         39   19  0.01   0.1    4
WAD06  Adams       Grand Marsh-1 W-COCO             0.00   0.0
WAD08  Adams       Grand Marsh-2 SW-COCO
WWH07  Waushara    Wild Rose-East-COCO                 T   0.0    5
POYW3  Waushara    Poy Sippi-2 SW-UCOOP
HANW3  Waushara    Hancock-UW Farm-COOP    39   21  0.00   0.0    4
WAOW3  Waushara    Wautoma-Sanitary-COOP
WUTW3  Waushara    Wautoma-1 SW-DNR*       40   21
MTLW3  Marquette   Montello-1SE-WWTP-COOP  35   17  0.00   0.0    6
BLNW3  Green Lake  Berlin-2 N-WWTP-COOP    39   20  0.00   0.0    3
BERW3  Green Lake  Berlin-Fox River*
PCNW3  Green Lake  Princeton-Fox River*
WGL02  Green Lake  Princeton-3 SE-COCO.
WGL03  Green Lake  Markesan-4 NW-COCO.
RKNW3  Green Lake  Markesan-WWTP-COOP      40   21     T     T    6

-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -East Central Wis.-
WASW3  Door        Washington Island-COOP  38   14  0.01   0.0    2
WDR05  Door        Ellison Bay-2 E-COCO.            0.00   0.0    6
SSBW3  Door        Sistr Bay-3NE-UW Auto*
WDR06  Door        Sister Bay-1 NE-COCO.               T   0.0    3
CBRW3  Door        Chambers Island-Auto.   41   17
EPMW3  Door        Ephraim-WWTP-COOP       49   15  0.00          3
EPHW3  Door        Ephraim-5 SE-UCOOP
FISW3  Door        Fish Ck.-WWTP-UCOOP
JUDW3  Door        Juddville-UCOOP
EHBW3  Door        Egg Harbor-WWTP-UCOOP
WDR10  Door        Egg Harbor-6 SW-COCO
WDR11  Door        Baileys Harb-3NE-COCO            0.00   0.0
WDR01  Door        Baileys Harb-5SW-COCO
CVLW3  Door        Carlsville-2NW-UCOOP
SBEW3  Door        Sturgeon Bay-3 NE-UW    40   18  0.00   0.0    T
SUE    Door        Sturgeon Bay-Airport    39   20
WDR09  Door        Brussels-3 N-COCO.
FORW3  Door        Forestville-4E-COOP     40   19  0.00   0.0    1
BKKW3  Outagamie   Black Ck.-N-WWTP-UCOOP
SHIW3  Outagamie   Shiocton-Util.-COOP              0.00   0.0    5
WOG18  Outagamie   New London-4 N-COCO
NONW3  Outagamie   New London-2SE-COOP     39   19  0.00   0.0    4
WOG17  Outagamie   Hortonville-5 E-COCO
WOG16  Outagamie   Grand Chute-2 NE-COCO
WOG12  Outagamie   Kaukauna-2 SW-COCO.
WOG06  Outagamie   Appleton-3 NE-COCO.
WOG07  Outagamie   Appleton-1 N-COCO.               0.00   0.0    4
APPW3  Outagamie   Appleton-NW-COOP        40   20  0.00   0.0    4
WOG15  Outagamie   Appleton-1 W-COCO.
ATW    Outagamie   Appleton-Airport        37   19
APLW3  Outagamie   Appleton-E-Radio-UCOOP  40   20     T   0.0    T
WBN06  Brown       Suamico-4 NW-COCO.
SUAW3  Brown       Suamico-3 SW-UCOOP                             M
WBN18  Brown       New Franken-5NE-COCO.
WBN15  Brown       Howard-Hobart-COCO
GRB    Brown       Green Bay-Airport       41   21  0.00   0.0
BGGW3  Brown       Green Bay-Botanical
WBN14  Brown       Green Bay-4 SE-COCO.
WBN08  Brown       De Pere-2 W-COCO.
WBN20  Brown       De Pere-4 SW-COCO.
DENW3  Brown       Denmark-WWTP            41   19  0.00   0.0    0
WBN22  Brown       Wrightstown-NE-COCO.                T   0.0    T
CCOW3  Kewaunee    Casco-UCOOP
KKKW3  Kewaunee    Kewaunee-WWTP-COOP      41   21  0.00   0.0    1
KANW3  Kewaunee    Kewaunee-SW-UCOOP       41   20  0.00   0.0    T
ZITW3  Winnebago   Zittau-UCOOP
MNSW3  Winnebago   Menasha-Jefferson Pk*
OSKW3  Winnebago   Menasha-1W-Fritse Pk*
WWN09  Winnebago   Neenah-1 NE-COCO.                   T   0.0    8
WNCW3  Winnebago   Winneconne-5NW-Lk Poy*
OMWW3  Winnebago   Omro-2 SW-UCOOP                  0.00   0.0    3
OOHW3  Winnebago   Oshkosh-5 N-UCOOP
OSNW3  Winnebago   Oshkosh-North-UCOOP
OSH    Winnebago   Oshkosh-Airport         40   22
OKHW3  Winnebago   Oshkosh-WWTP-COOP       40   19  0.00   0.0    2
OSHW3  Winnebago   Oshkosh-Lake Winn.*
WWN12  Winnebago   Oshkosh-2 SE-COCO.               0.00   0.0
OOSW3  Winnebago   Oshkosh-6 S-UCOOP
WCT04  Calumet     Menasha-5 SE-COCO.
BRLW3  Calumet     Brillion-WWTP-COOP
WCT05  Calumet     Brillion-5 S-COCO.
STKW3  Calumet     Stockbridge-Lk. Winn*
WCT01  Calumet     Chilton-1 NW-COCO.
CHIW3  Calumet     Chilton-WWTP-COOP       42   21  0.00   0.0    0
NHNW3  Calumet     New Holstein-UCOOP
WMC07  Manitowoc   Brillion-3 SE-COCO.
WMC02  Manitowoc   Two Rivers-5 NW-COCO.
WMC04  Manitowoc   Two Rivers-1 N-COCO.             0.00   0.0    4
TWOW3  Manitowoc   Two Rivers-Water-COOP   43   21  0.00   0.0    1
WMC12  Manitowoc   Two Rivers-1 SE-COCO.
WMC10  Manitowoc   Manitowoc-1 N-COCO.
MTW    Manitowoc   Manitowoc-Airport       44   22
MANW3  Manitowoc   Manit.-WWTP(6pm-6pm)             0.00          0
VALW3  Manitowoc   Valders-UCOOP
NAZW3  Manitowoc   St. Nazianz-2W-UCOOP
WMC05  Manitowoc   Kiel-6 E-COCO.                      T   0.0
NWNW3  Manitowoc   Newton-1 S-UCOOP
TAHW3  Fond Du Lac Taycheedah-4NE-UCOOP    41   20     T   0.0    6
FCDW3  Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac-2SW-COOP    42   22     T   0.0
FDLW3  Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac-Lk Winn.*
FDLW3  Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac-WWTP-COOP
FLD    Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac-Airport     42   24
WPNW3  Fond Du Lac Waupun-Rock River*
WSB17  Sheboygan   Howards Gro.-1N-COCO.
WSB14  Sheboygan   Sheboygan-3 N-COCO.
WSB12  Sheboygan   Sheboygan-3 NW-COCO.                T   0.0    5
SEBW3  Sheboygan   Sheboygan-Sheb. River*
SBM    Sheboygan   Sheboygan-Airport       41   23
WSB19  Sheboygan   Sheboygan-1 SW-COCO.                T   0.0    9
COSW3  Sheboygan   Sheboygan-4S-WWTP-COOP  41   19  0.00   0.0    2
PLYW3  Sheboygan   Plymouth-1S-WWTP-COOP   43   21  0.00   0.0    2
WSB11  Sheboygan   Plymouth-1 SE-COCO.
WSB06  Sheboygan   Plymouth-5 SW-COCO.              0.00   0.0
HINW3  Sheboygan   Hingham-WWTP-COOP
GIBW3  Sheboygan   Oostburg-N.-WWTP-COOP
WSB10  Sheboygan   Random Lake-COCO                 0.00   0.0    7

-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -Southwest Wis.-
OTRW3  Vernon      Ontario-1 W
ONTW3  Vernon      Ontario-Kickapoo R.*
HLBW3  Vernon      Hillsboro-2 SW
REAW3  Vernon      Readstown-West-River*
DHDW3  Vernon      Westby-3 N-Dam-Alert*
WESW3  Vernon      Westby-WWTP
HVDW3  Vernon      Westby-3 SE-Dam-Alert*
RHDW3  Vernon      Esofea-3 SW-Dam-Alert*
GENW3  Vernon      Genoa-Dam 8-COE
VQAW3  Vernon      Viroqua                             T     T    9
WVR05  Vernon      Viroqua-1 W-COCO.
SIDW3  Vernon      Viroqua-4 SW-Dam-Alert*
LAFW3  Vernon      La Farge-COOP                    0.00   0.0    5
WVR03  Vernon      Viola-4 NW-COCO.
SOGW3  Crawford    Soldiers Grove
GMIW3  Crawford    Gays Mills
WCR01  Crawford    Gays Mills-6 SE-COCO.
SENW3  Crawford    Seneca-HWY Dept-UCOOP
STEW3  Crawford    Steuben-Kickapoo R.*
SBNW3  Crawford    Steuben-4 SE
LYNW3  Crawford    Lynxville-Dam 9-COE
PDCW3  Crawford    Prairie Du Chien-COOP   41   20  0.00   0.0    6
PDC    Crawford    Prairie Du Chien-Arprt  40   19
RCRW3  Richland    Richland Center-4 N     44   22  0.00   0.0    1
RCCW3  Richland    Richland Center-1 NW
C35    Sauk        Reedsburg-Airport       39   21
RBGW3  Sauk        Reedsburg-WWTP-COOP     40   20  0.00   0.0
RSPW3  Sauk        Rock Springs-Barab. R*
WSK02  Sauk        Rock Springs-3 WSW-COCO             T     T    6
BBOW3  Sauk        W. Baraboo-Haskins Pk*
BAAW3  Sauk        Baraboo-WWTP-COOP       42   22  0.00   0.0    5
BAOW3  Sauk        Baraboo-4S-Devils Lk.*
WSK14  Sauk        Plain-COCO.
PDSW3  Sauk        Prairie Du Sac-Alliant
SACW3  Sauk        Sauk City-WWTP-COOP
LNR    Sauk        Lone Rock-Airport       40   22
DBQ                Dubuque, IA-Airport     39   14  0.00   0.0    8
MUSW3  Grant       Muscoda-Wis. River*
BBLW3  Grant       Boscobel-1 NE-Auto.*    41   21
OVS    Grant       Boscobel-Airport        41   21
LANW3  Grant       Lancaster-4WSW-UW Farm
BTNW3  Grant       Burton-Grant River*
WGT02  Grant       Platteville-NE-COCO.
PVB    Grant       Platteville-3 SE-Arpt   38   18
RVLW3  Grant       Rockville-2E-Platte R*
CBCW3  Grant       Cuba City-WWTP-COOP
WGT03  Grant       Cuba City-North-COCO.
BLDW3  Iowa        Barneveld-WWTP-UCOOP
DLEW3  Iowa        Dodgeville-4 N-Auto.*   39   19
DGVW3  Iowa        Dodgeville-WWTP-COOP
WIW03  Iowa        Mineral Pt.-7 NE-COCO
MRJ    Iowa        Mineral Pt.-4NW-Airprt  39   21
BCHW3  Lafayette   Blanchardville 2S-Riv*
ARGW3  Lafayette   Argyle-WWTP-COOP                 0.00   0.0    2
DARW3  Lafayette   Darlington-WWTP-COOP    40   18  0.00   0.0    7
WLF04  Lafayette   Darlington-5 SE-COCO.
WLF05  Lafayette   Benton-COCO.
BUNW3  Lafayette   Benton-4S-Buncombe-Riv*
WLF01  Lafayette   Wiota-3 E-COCO.
-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -South Central Wis.-
DLL    Columbia    Wis. Dells-Airport      37   19
WCB08  Columbia    Wis. Dells-North-COCO
DLLW3  Columbia    Wis. Dells-WWTP-COOP
PORW3  Columbia    Portage-WWTP-COOP
PGEW3  Columbia    Portage-WWTP-COOP       41   20     T     T    2
WCB04  Columbia    Portage-6 SW-COCO.                  T   0.0    8
WCB05  Columbia    Portage-7 SW-COCO.                  T     T   10
PEEW3  Columbia    Pardeeville-Auto.*      41   22
PRVW3  Columbia    Pardeeville-WWTP-COOP            0.00   0.0    4
WCB11  Columbia    Poynette-6 NW-COCO.
WCB10  Columbia    Poynette-Lk Wis.-COCO
WCB09  Columbia    Poynette-3 NE-COCO.
LODW3  Columbia    Lodi-WWTP-COOP          43   22  0.00   0.0    5
ARLW3  Columbia    Arlington-UW Farm-COOP  41   19     T     T    8
WCB01  Columbia    Columbus-1 S-COCO.               0.00   0.0
BSVW3  Dodge       Brownsville-WWTP-UCOOP
MAYW3  Dodge       Mayville-6 NW-DNR*      42   22
WSFW3  Dodge       B Dam-Westford-COOP     39   20     T     T   11
BDMW3  Dodge       Beaver Dam-1 N-UCOOP
BEAW3  Dodge       Beaver Dam-WWTP-COOP    41   20     T     T    5
BEAW3  Dodge       Beaver Dam-USGS-River*
WDD04  Dodge       Beaver Dam-1 SW-COCO.               T     T    2
WDD03  Dodge       Horicon-2 NE-COCO.
HRCW3  Dodge       Horicon-1 NE-DNR*
HORW3  Dodge       Horicon-WWTP-COOP
WDD06  Dodge       Theresa-1 SW-COCO.                  T   0.0
UNU    Dodge       Juneau-Airport          39   22
CLYW3  Dodge       Clyman-Util.-COOP
BUSW3  Dodge       Columbus-1SE-WWTP-COOP           0.00   0.0    5
WDRW3  Dane        Windsor-Yahara R.*
WDA62  Dane        Waunakee-5 W-COCO.
WDA57  Dane        De Forest-1 SE-COCO.
C29    Dane        Middleton-2 NW-Airport  41   23
MDDW3  Dane        Middleton-COOP
WDA35  Dane        Madison-6 N-COCO.
WDA56  Dane        Madison-4 NE-COCO.               0.00   0.0
WDA37  Dane        Madison-3 NE-COCO.
WDA52  Dane        Madison-2.8 NE-COCO.
MSN    Dane        Madison-Airport         40   21     T   0.0    9
MDEW3  Dane        Madison-2 NE-DNR*
CHMW3  Dane        Madison-Charmany-COOP            0.00   0.0    3
WDA46  Dane        Madison-6 W-COCO.
WDA39  Dane        Madison-4 W-COCO.                0.01     T    8
WDA13  Dane        Madison-4 W-COCO.                   T          8
WDA45  Dane        Madison-6 W-COCO.
WDA51  Dane        Madison-4.1 SW-COCO.
WDA03  Dane        Madison-5 SW-COCO.
WDA54  Dane        Madison-7 SW-COCO.
ARBW3  Dane        Mad.-Arboretum-COOP
MAZW3  Dane        Mazomanie-WWTP-COOP
STOW3  Dane        Stoughton-WWTP-COOP     40   22  0.00   0.0    6
WDA31  Dane        Deerfield-1 N-COCO.                 T     T    8
WDA14  Dane        McFarland-1 E-COCO.
MCFW3  Dane        McFarland-Lk. Waubesa*
MRBW3  Dane        Mt. Horeb-1S-WWTP-COOP
WDA33  Dane        Oregon-SW-COCO.                     T     T    6
WDA44  Dane        Brooklyn-1 NE-COCO.
LOOW3  Jefferson   Waterloo-WWTP-COOP      41   21  0.00   0.0    6
WATW3  Jefferson   Watertown-WWTP-COOP     40   23  0.00   0.0    3
WTOW3  Jefferson   Watertown-WWTP-COOP
WJF02  Jefferson   Watertown-East-COCO.
RYV    Jefferson   Watertown-Airport       40   23
MILW3  Jefferson   Milford-Crawfish R.*
WJF11  Jefferson   Johnson Ck.-3NW-COCO
JFFW3  Jefferson   Jefferson-Rock R.*
JFNW3  Jefferson   Jefferson-WWTP-COOP     41   22  0.00   0.0    4
WJF13  Jefferson   Ft. Atkinson-SE-COCO.
FTAW3  Jefferson   Ft. Atkinson-WWTP-COOP
LKMW3  Jefferson   Lake Mills-WWTP-COOP    42   21     T     T    6
MKX    Jefferson   Sullivan-NWS (Mid-Mid)  42   28  0.01   0.0    7
WJF10  Jefferson   Palmyra-2 N-COCO.                   T     T    4
PYRW3  Jefferson   Palmyra-1N-WWTP-UCOOP
WJF15  Jefferson   Palmyra-2SW-Blue-COCO
WJF05  Jefferson   Whitewater-1NW-COCO
WHTW3  Jefferson   Whitewater-WWTP-COOP    41   22  0.00   0.0    4
NGLW3  Green       New Glarus-1 SW-UCOOP            0.00   0.0   10
WGN05  Green       Monticello-2SE-COCO
ALBW3  Green       Albany-Sugar River*
BROW3  Green       Brodhead-WWTP-COOP      40   18  0.00   0.0    8
BROW3  Green       Brodhead-1 W-Sugar R.*
MONW3  Green       Monroe-WWTP-COOP
EFT    Green       Monroe-Airport          40   20
MTNW3  Green       Martintown-Pec. River*
FULW3  Rock        Fulton-Yahara River*
NVLW3  Rock        Newville 5NE-Lk. Kosh*
MTOW3  Rock        Milton-WWTP-COOP                 0.01
WRK06  Rock        Evansville-East-COCO.            0.00   0.0
CLTW3  Rock        Clinton-WWTP-COOP       42   20  0.00   0.0    3
WRK07  Rock        Janesville-5 N-COCO.
WRK16  Rock        Janesville-3 NE-COCO.               T     T    8
WRK12  Rock        Janesville-3 W-COCO.                T   0.0   11
JVL    Rock        Janesville-Airport      43   23
WRK10  Rock        Ordfordville-COCO.
JANW3  Rock        Afton/J`vile-WWTP-COOP
WRK15  Rock        Beloit-1 SE-COCO.                   T   0.0
BLTW3  Rock        Beloit-College-COOP     41   22  0.00   0.0    8

-ID-   -County-      -Location-        -Southeast Wis.-
WWS04  Washington  Kewaskum-2 NW-COCO.                 T   0.0    4
WSTW3  Washington  W. Bend-1NE-Fire-COOP            0.00   0.0    4
ETB    Washington  West Bend-3 E-Airport   41   23
WWS23  Washington  West Bend-1 NW-COCO.             0.00   0.0
WTBW3  Washington  West Bend-1 SW-Water
WWS15  Washington  West Bend-5 SE-COCO.
ALLW3  Washington  Allenton-WWTP-COOP               0.00   0.0    9
SLRW3  Washington  Slinger-1NW-WWTP-COOP   41   19  0.00   0.0    6
HARW3  Washington  Hartford-2W-WWTP-COOP   40   22  0.00          4
WWS01  Washington  Hartford-4 E-COCO.
WWS14  Washington  Hartford-1 SE-COCO.
WWS17  Washington  Hartford-2 SE-COCO.
WWS06  Washington  Jackson-2 NE-COCO.
JACW3  Washington  Jackson-COOP            44   24  0.00   0.0    4
WWS22  Washington  Jackson-3 SE-COCO.
RCHW3  Washington  Richfield/Colgate-COOP  46   22  0.05          7
GERW3  Washington  Germantown-WWTP-COOP    43   22  0.00   0.0    4
GMTW3  Washington  Germantown-2 NW-MMSD*
WWS16  Washington  Germantown 1 NE COCO.
BLGW3  Ozaukee     Belgium-1NW-WWTP-COOP
WOZ17  Ozaukee     Newburg-East-COCO.                  T   0.0    9
SAVW3  Ozaukee     Saukville-WWTP-COOP
WOZ09  Ozaukee     Port Wash.-4NE-COCO
PWAW3  Ozaukee     Pt. Washington-Auto*    47   25
WOZ12  Ozaukee     Pt. Wash.-South-COCO
WOZ13  Ozaukee     Port Wash.-2 SW-COCO
GTNW3  Ozaukee     Grafton-2 NE-DNR*
WOZ16  Ozaukee     Grafton-SE-COCO
GATW3  Ozaukee     Grafton-1S-WWTP-COOP    46   23  0.00   0.0    2
WOZ01  Ozaukee     Cedarburg-1 NE-COCO.
CDRW3  Ozaukee     Cedarburg 2N-Cedar Ck*
CEDW3  Ozaukee     Cedarburg-3SE-Milw. R*
WOZ05  Ozaukee     Cedarburg-4 SW-COCO.
WOZ08  Ozaukee     Mequon-3 SW-COCO.
MFAW3  Waukesha    Menom. Falls-MMSD*
WWK29  Waukesha    Stone Bank-COCO.
WKN61  Waukesha    Merton-Lk Kees.-COCO.
WWK55  Waukesha    Merton-COCO.
WWK46  Waukesha    Oconomowoc-3 NW-COCO.
WWK42  Waukesha    Oconomowoc-1 W-COCO.
OCOW3  Waukesha    Oconomo.-W.-WWTP-COOP   42   22  0.00   0.0    5
ONCW3  Waukesha    Oconomowoc-So.-UCOOP             0.00   0.0    8
WWK33  Waukesha    Oconom. Lk.-1SE-COCO
WWK26  Waukesha    Oconomowoc-5SE-COCO
WWK05  Waukesha    Sussex-1 NE-COCO.
WWK30  Waukesha    Sussex-3 W-COCO.
PWKW3  Waukesha    Pewaukee-2 SW-UCOOP
WWK22  Waukesha    Pewaukee-4 SW-COCO.
BFDW3  Waukesha    Brookfield-WWTP-COOP    43   21  0.00   0.0
UES    Waukesha    Waukesha-Airport        41   21
WWK51  Waukesha    Waukesha-1.6 NW-COCO.
WWK54  Waukesha    Waukesha-1.5 NW-COCO.               T   0.0
WCCW3  Waukesha    Waukesha-WWTP-COOP
WWK04  Waukesha    Waukesha-2 SW-COCO.
WWK43  Waukesha    Waukesha-7 SW-COCO.
ELMW3  Waukesha    Elm Grove-MMSD*
WWK47  Waukesha    New Berlin-2 NW-COCO                T   0.0    8
WWK35  Waukesha    New Berlin-1 SE-COCO
WWK57  Waukesha    Dousman-3 SE-COCO
BBDW3  Waukesha    Big Bend-UCOOP
WWK16  Waukesha    Muskego-1 W-COCO.                0.00   0.0
MGOW3  Waukesha    Muskego-2S-Muskego Lk*
MSGW3  Waukesha    Muskego-MMSD*
WWK20  Waukesha    Mukwonago-North-COCO.               T   0.0    6
WWK53  Waukesha    Mukwonago-2 NE-COCO.
MWOW3  Waukesha    Eagleville-UCOOP                    T   0.0   10
BDRW3  Milwaukee   Brown Deer-Auto*-MMSD
WMW43  Milwaukee   Brown Deer-1 NW-COCO.               T     T    8
RVHW3  Milwaukee   River Hills-Auto*-MMSD
WMW01  Milwaukee   Shorewood-1 NW-COCO.
SODW3  Milwaukee   Shorewood-Auto*-MMSD
MIEW3  Milwaukee   Milwaukee-NW-MMSD*
MAKW3  Milwaukee   Milw-Teutonia-MMSD*
WWTW3  Milwaukee   Wauwatosa-Men. River*
WMW44  Milwaukee   Wauwatosa-E-COCO.
WMW14  Milwaukee   Milwaukee-4 NW-COCO.                T   0.0    8
MAEW3  Milwaukee   Milw-F D Lac Av-MMSD*
MUEW3  Milwaukee   Milw.-Mitch. Pk-MMSD*
MLEW3  Milwaukee   Milw.-6 SW-Fire-MMSD*
MJIW3  Milwaukee   Milw.-Jones Isl.-MMSD*
MIKW3  Milwaukee   Milw.-Linc. Ave-MMSD*
WMW18  Milwaukee   West Allis-1SE-COCO
GNDW3  Milwaukee   Greenfield-MMSD*
WMW23  Milwaukee   Greendale-1 NE-COCO.             0.00   0.0    4
HCRW3  Milwaukee   Hales Corners-MMSD*
WPKW3  Milwaukee   Hales Corners-Whitnall
WMW33  Milwaukee   Hales Corn.-1SE-COCO             0.00   0.0
MKE    Milwaukee   Milwaukee-Mitchell Fld  47   28     T   0.0    7
MIAW3  Milwaukee   Milwaukee-South-MMSD*
WMW28  Milwaukee   Franklin-2 NE-COCO.
FKNW3  Milwaukee   Franklin-1 SE-MMSD*
WMW42  Milwaukee   Cudahy-1 NNE-COCO.
SEEW3  Milwaukee   S Milw.-WWTP-Lk.-COOP   45   26  0.00   0.0    4
OKKW3  Milwaukee   Oak Ck.-SS WWTP-MMSD*
WWW13  Walworth    Mukwonago-3 SW-COCO.
WWW01  Walworth    East Troy-3 NE-COCO.
DLNW3  Walworth    Delavan-W.-WWTP         44   25  0.00   0.0    7
WWW10  Walworth    Delavan-3 SW-COCO.
WWW14  Walworth    Darien-1 NE-COCO.
WWW11  Walworth    Elkhorn-7 N-COCO.
WWW12  Walworth    Elkhorn-East-COCO.               0.00   0.0
LGEW3  Walworth    Lake Geneva-WWTP-COOP            0.00   0.0   11
WWW02  Walworth    Lake Geneva-1E-COCO.             0.00   0.0    6
PLLW3  Walworth    Pell Lake-WWTP-COOP     42   23     T   0.0    4
WRC08  Racine      Wind Lake-West-COCO.
WIKW3  Racine      Wind Lk-W. Lk Outlet*
RAYW3  Racine      Raymond-Root R. Canal*
WADW3  Racine      Waterford-Fox River*
WRC16  Racine      Waterford-Vill.-COCO.
RSRW3  Racine      Rochester-Fox River*
ROCW3  Racine      Rochester-1 S-WWTP      43   25     T   0.0    7
BGTW3  Racine      Burlington-2 S-WWTP     43   23  0.00   0.0    6
BUU    Racine      Burlington-Airport      43   24
WRC12  Racine      Racine-2 NNE-COCO.
RCNW3  Racine      Racine-Lk.-WWTP-COOP    36   13  0.00   0.0
RAC    Racine      Racine-Airport          45   27
WRC03  Racine      Racine-2 SW-COCO.                   T   0.0
UGRW3  Racine      Union Grove-WWTP-COOP   43   23  0.00   0.0    6
PLKW3  Kenosha     Paddock Lk-4 NE-UCOOP
KNSW3  Kenosha     Kenosha-N Harbor-NWS*   48    M
WKN07  Kenosha     Kenosha-3 N-COCO.
KENW3  Kenosha     Kenosha-WWTP(mid-mid)   48   32  0.00   0.0    4
WKN06  Kenosha     Kenosha-2 S-COCO.                0.00   0.0    4
ENW    Kenosha     Kenosha-Airport         46   27
WKN18  Kenosha     Twin Lakes-WWTP-COCO.            0.00   0.0    6
WKN17  Kenosha     Salem Lakes-WWTP-COCO.
WKN11  Kenosha     Pleas. Pr-4 NW-COCO.             0.00   0.0
WKN14  Kenosha     Pleas. Pr.-2 E-COCO.
KNOW3  Kenosha     Pleasant Pr.-DNR-Chiw.*
Below is information about Wisconsin soil temperatures at various
depths in the ground as reported by weather observers with National
Weather Service soil thermometers.

                                 Depth of Temp. Sensor   Time/date
                                 2   4   8  20  40  60    of last
 ID    County       Location    in. in. in. in. in. in.    report
MFDW3  Wood       Marshfield-UW 34  34  32  34  39  42   07 AM 03/01
NELW3  Clark      Neillsville   32  32  32  31  34  36   07 AM 02/28
ARX    La Crosse  La Crosse-NWS 30  30  31  33  35  38   07 AM 03/01
MKX    Jefferson  Sullivan-NWS  30  29  28   M  29  34   06 AM 03/01

Below is soil temperature information from other sources.

                                 Depth of Temp. Sensor   Time/date
                                 2   4   8  20  40  60    of last
 ID    County       Location    in. in. in. in. in. in.    report
PLOW3  Portage    Plover-South  29  30  30  32  39  41   07 AM 03/01
MWOW3  Waukesha   Eagleville    31  32  33  34  36  38   07 AM 03/01
Below is information about Wisconsin frost depths (frozen ground) in
grassy areas as measured by volunteers with NWS frost depth gages.
Conditions are left natural in the area of the gage.  Frost depth
measurements are requested a minimum of twice weekly...Monday and
Thursday mornings November through March.  The data is aligned
approximately from north to south.  Data not available from all
areas of the state.  M stands for missing data-no report in at least
the last 7 days.  EQP means equipment problem.

GD = depth of frost penetration
GT = depth of surface frost thawed                           Today`s
All measurements in inches                        Time/Date   snow
                                                  of last     depth
 ID    County       Location           GD   GT     report     (in.)
DLHM5  St Louis   Duluth,MN-Airprt-NWS  M    M   M             12
FLNW3  Florence   Florence-WWTP-COOP    M    M   M              M
LNOW3  Vilas      Ld. O Lks-12W-UCOOP  30    M   07 AM 03/01   25
ASTW3  Marinette  Athelstane-UCOOP     29    0   06 AM 02/27    M
SPOW3  Washburn   Spooner-UW-Ag.-COOP   M    M   M              M
BGFW3  Rusk       Big Falls             M    M   M              M
MLLW3  Lincoln    Merrill-8W-UCOOP     32    0   06 AM 03/01   10
ROBW3  St. Croix  Roberts-WWTP-COOP     4    0   09 AM 03/01    7
DRDW3  Pepin      Durand-WWTP-COOP      0    M   09 AM 03/01    2
BOWW3  Shawano    Bowler-4 E-COOP      32    M   08 AM 03/01    2
PLOW3  Portage    Plover-So.-UCOOP     21    0   07 AM 03/01    4
AMDW3  Portage    Almond-5 NE-UCOOP     M    M   M              M
MFDW3  Wood       Marshfield-UW-COOP   17    M   07 AM 03/01    4
RNBW3  Brown      Green Bay-NWS        12    M   08 AM 03/01    T
DRYW3  Outagamie  Darboy-UCOOP          M    M   M              M
CHIW3  Calumet    Chilton-WWTP-COOP     0    M   07 AM 03/01    0
ARX    La Crosse  La Crosse-NWS        16    0   07 AM 03/01    6
BAAW3  Sauk       Baraboo-WWTP-COOP     M    M   M              5
LODW3  Columbia   Lodi-WWTP-COOP       16    0   07 AM 03/01    5
WSFW3  Dodge      B Dam-Westford-COOP   4    0   07 AM 03/01   11
SVLW3  Ozaukee    Saukvil.-UWM-UCOOP    M    M   M              M
GATW3  Ozaukee    Grafton-WWTP-COOP     M    M   M              2
WTBW3  Washington W. Bend-City-COOP     M    M   M              M
STOW3  Dane       Stoughton-WWTP-COOP   7    0   07 AM 03/01    6
WATW3  Jefferson  Watertown-WWTP-COOP   5    M   07 AM 03/01    3
WTOW3  Jefferson  Watertown-WWTP-COOP   M    M   M              M
FTAW3  Jefferson  Ft Atkin.-WWTP-COOP   M    M   M              M
MKX    Jefferson  Sullivan-3 SE-NWS     5    M   06 AM 03/01    7
ONCW3  Waukesha   Oconom.-So.-UCOOP    13    0   07 AM 03/01    8
MWOW3  Waukesha   Eagleville-UCOOP      6    0   07 AM 03/01   10
WPKW3  Milwaukee  Whit.Pk-Boern.-COOP   M    M   M              M
ALBW3  Green      Albany-Vill-UCOOP     M    M   M              M
LANW3  Grant      Lancaster-UW-COOP     M    M   M              M
CBCW3  Lafayette  Cuba City-WWTP-COOP   M    M   M              M
BOIW3  Rock       Beloit-P Works-UCOOP  M    M   M              M
Below is information about Wisconsin frost depths in sod (frozen
ground) and under snow-free pavement as measured by volunteers at
County Highway Departments with NWS frost depth gages (under grass)
and Wis.Dept. of Transportation frost depth gages (under pavement).
Frost depths under pavement include the thickness of the pavement
which ranges from 2.5 to 5 inches.  Data aligned approximately
from north to south.  Readings are requested a minimum of twice
weekly...Monday and Thursday mornings.  M stands for missing
data which means no reports in at least the last 7 days.
EQP means equipment problem.
GD = frost depth (gauge in grassy area-conditions left natural)
GT = depth of surface frost thawed
GP = frost depth under snow-free pavement
GW = depth of surface frost thawed under pavement
-                                                 Time/Date
 All measurements in inches                        of last  Todays
                                                    frost    snow
                                                    depth    depth
 ID    County     Location   GD   GT   GP   GW      report   (in.)
FLNW3 Florence   Florence     M    M   EQP  EQP     M
SNGW3 Oconto     Suring       M    M    M    M   M
OONW3 Oconto     Oconto      22    0   34    0   07 AM 03/01
GBAW3 Brown      Green Bay    M    M    M    M   M
GLFW3 Brown      Greenleaf    M    M    M    M   M
SAAW3 Monroe     Sparta       M    M    M    M   M
OHKW3 Winnebago  Oshkosh     15    0   EQP  EQP  07 AM 03/01
FDAW3 Fond Du L. Fond Du Lac  1    1    7    1   08 AM 03/01
WOKW3 Manitowoc  Manitowoc    M    M    M    M   M
SHGw3 Sheboygan  Sheboygan    M    M    M    M   M
MLOW3 Marquette  Montello     M    M    M    M   M
CVYW3 Vernon     Coon Valley  M    M    M    M   M             M
Below is Wisconsin snow core sample information from COOP weather
observers and other volunteers.  A snow core sample is the water
equivalent of all the snow on the ground.  This data is requested
Monday mornings...December through April...when there is at least
2 inches of snow on the ground.
-                                         Time/Date         Today`s
                                   Snow    of last           snow
                                   core   snow core   River  depth
 ID    County       Location       (in.)   report     basin  (in.)

DLHM5             NWS-Duluth,MN      M  M            L Sup.    12
BYFW3  Bayfield   Bayfield-9 N       M  M            L Sup.     M
BAFW3  Bayfield   Bayfield-WWTP      M  M            L Sup.     M
WAS06  Ashland    Odanah-2E-Coco     M  M            L Sup.    10
IRMM4  Iron       Ironwood MI        M  M            Montr.    20
LNOW3  Vilas      Land O Lks-12W   4.3  07 AM 03/01  Wis.      25
WVL07  Vilas      Eagle R.-Coco      M  M            Wis.       M
EGRW3  Vilas      Eagle River-S.     M  M            Wis.      19
EVRW3  Vilas      Eagle R.-4 E       M  M            Wis.      18
AVTW3  Vilas      Arbor V.-West      M  M            Wis.      17
LTMW3  Oneida     L Tomahk.-2SE    2.3  08 AM 03/01  Wis.      17
WON01  Oneida     Rhinelr.-Coco      M  M            Wis.       M
WMT04  Marathon   Wausau-2NE-Coco  1.9  07 AM 03/01  Wis.       8
WMT01  Marathon   Schofield-Coco     M  M            Wis.       M
MLLW3  Lincoln    Merrill-8 W      2.0  06 AM 03/01  Wis.      10
ERRW3  Lincoln    Merrill-4 W        M  M            Wis.       M
ANTW3  Langlade   Antigo-Arpt        M  M            Wis.       9
MFDW3  Wood       Marshfld-UW        M  M            Wis.       4
RHTW3  Marathon   Galloway           M  M            Wis.       M
PLOW3  Portage    Plover-South       M  M            Wis.       4
HANW3  Waushara   Hancock-UW Fm      M  M            Wis.       4
FRSW3  Adams      Friendship       1.0  07 AM 03/01  Wis.       4
PORW3  Columbia   Portage-WWTP       M  M            Wis.       M
WCB04  Columbia   Portage-6 SW     2.7  06 AM 03/01  Wis.       8
WCB05  Columbia   Portage-7 SW       M  M            Wis.      10
MATW3  Jackson    Mather-3 NW        M  M            Yellow     6
ALVW3  Forest     Alvin-3 NW         M  M            Brule      M
LLKW3  Florence   Long Lake          M  M            Menom.     M
LGKW3  Florence   Long Lake-3NE      M  M            Menom.     M
BRKW3  Florence   Florence-6 S       M  M            Menom.     M
BRKW3  Florence   Florence-6 S       M  M            Menom.     M
FCEW3  Florence   Fence-Popl. R      M  M            Menom.     M
TWFM4  Florence   Iron M-Tw Fls      M  M            Menom.     M
AURW3  Florence   Aurora             M  M            Menom.     9
ARRW3  Florence   Aurora-4 W         M  M            Menom.     M
AGNW3  Forest     Argonne-2 NW     3.9  07 AM 03/01  Pesh.     16
CAFW3  Marinette  Caldron Falls      M  M            Pesh.      M
WFR03  Forest     Crandon-Coco       M  M            Oconto     M
LKWW3  Oconto     Lakewood-DNR       M  M            Oconto     M
MOUW3  Oconto     Mountain-1 SW      M  M            Oconto     M
BREW3  Oconto     Suring-WWTP        M  M            Oconto    10
ILEW3  Oconto     Stiles-1 S         M  M            Oconto     4
WLKW3  Langlade   White Lk.-DNR      M  M            Wolf      10
MOLW3  Langlade   Mole Lk.-UCOOP     M  M            Wolf       M
BOWW3  Shawano    Bowler-4 E-COOP    M  M            Wolf       2
WSW03  Shawano    Tigerton-2 SE      M  M            Wolf       M
CNTW3  Waupaca    Clintonvl-WWTP   0.4  07 AM 03/01  Wolf       3
RSTW3  Marathon   Galloway           M  M            Wolf       M
NONW3  Outagamie  New London-2 SE    M  M            Wolf       4
AMHW3  Portage    Amherst-3 SE       M  M            Wolf       5
WPAW3  Waupaca    Waupaca-3 SW       M  M            Waup.      M
WYGW3  Waupaca    Weyauwega          M  M            Waup.      M
PRVW3  Columbia   Pardeeville        M  M            Fox        4
WGL01  Green Lk   Berlin-1NW-Coco    M  M            Fox        M
OMWW3  Winnebago  Omro-2 SW          M  M            Fox        3
OSNW3  Winnebago  Oshkosh-North      M  M            Fox        M
OKHW3  Winnebago  Oshkosh-WWTP       M  M            Fox        2
WWN09  Winnebago  Neenah-1NE-Coco    M  M            Fox        8
WCT04  Calumet    Menasha-SE-Coco    M  M            Fox        M
WOG06  Outagamie  Appleton-3 NE      M  M            Fox        M
WOG07  Outagamie  Appleton-1 N       M  M            Fox        4
APPW3  Outagamie  Appleton-NW        M  M            Fox        4
WOG15  Outagamie  Appleton-1 W       M  M            Fox        M
RNBW3  Brown      Green Bay-NWS      M  M            Fox        T
WBN14  Brown      Gr Bay-4 SE        M  M            Fox        M
WBN10  Brown      Gr Bay-5 SW        M  M            Fox        M
WASW3  Door       Wash. Island       M  M            L. Mi      2
WDR05  Door       Ellison B.-Coco    M  M            L. Mi      6
WDR06  Door       Sister Bay-Coco    M  M            L. Mi      3
EPMW3  Door       Ephraim-1 NE       M  M            L. Mi      3
EPHW3  Door       Ephraim-5 SE       M  M            L. Mi      M
WDR11  Door       Baileys H.-Coco    M  M            L. Mi      M
FORW3  Door       Forestville-4E     M  M            L. Mi      1
WMC12  Manitowoc  Two Riv-Coco       M  M            L. Mi      M
WMC04  Manitowoc  Two Riv-1N-Coco    M  M            L. Mi      4
VALW3  Manitowoc  Valders            M  M            L. Mi      M
WSB17  Sheboygan  Howards Gr-Coco    M  M            L. Mi      M
SYNW3  Sheboygan  Sheboygan-SW       M  M            L. Mi      M
WOZ01  Ozaukee    Cedarbg.-Coco      M  M            L. Mi      M
WOZ12  Ozaukee    Pt. Wash.-Coco     M  M            L. Mi      M
WMW18  Milwaukee  W. Allis-Coco      M  M            L. Mi      M
MKE    Milwaukee  Milwaukee-Arpt   3.7  12 PM 02/28  L. Mi      7
WMW23  Milwaukee  Greendale-Coco     M  M            L. Mi      4
WPKW3  Milwaukee  Whitnall Park      M  M            L. Mi      M
UGRW3  Racine     Union Grove        M  M            L. Mi      6
WRC03  Racine     Racine-Coco      4.2  07 AM 03/01  L. Mi     14
WRC12  Racine     Racine-2NE-Coco    M  M            L. Mi      M
WKN06  Kenosha    Kenosha-Coco     1.6  06 AM 03/01  L. Mi      4
WCT01  Calumet    Chilton-Coco       M  M            Manit.     M
CHIW3  Calumet    Chilton-WWTP       M  M            Manit.     0
BRLW3  Calumet    Brillion-WWTP      M  M            Manit.     M
JKNW3  Washington Jackson-2 NE       M  M            Milw.      M
WWS06  Washington Jackson-2N-Coco    M  M            Milw.      M
JACW3  Washington Jackson          0.7  06 AM 03/01  Milw.      4
WCB01  Columbia   Columbus-Coco      M  M            Rock       M
WDD04  Dodge      B. Dam-1SW-Coco    M  M            Rock       2
WRK16  Rock       Janesv-3NE-Coco    M  M            Rock       8
WRK12  Rock       Janesv-3W-Coco   3.9  07 AM 03/01  Rock      11
WRK10  Rock       Orfordvl.-Coco     M  M            Rock       M
GERW3  Washington Germantown-WWTP    M  M            Menom.     4
WWK12  Waukesha   Waukesha-Coco      M  M            Fox        M
WWK16  Waukesha   Muskego-1W-Coco    M  M            Fox        M
WWK34  Waukesha   Eagleville-Coco  3.9  07 AM 03/01  Fox       10
WWK20  Waukesha   Mukwon.-Coco       M  M            Fox        6
WWK53  Waukesha   Mukw.-2NE-Coco     M  M            Fox        M
BGTw3  Racine     Burlington-WWTP    M  M            Fox        6
PADW3  Racine     Paddock Lk-WWTP    M  M            Fox        M
ARLW3  Columbia   Arlington-UW       M  M            Yahara     8
MSN    Dane       Madison-Arpt     2.9  12 PM 02/28  Yahara     9
WDA54  Dane       Madis.-7SW-Coco    M  M            Yahara     M
WDA52  Dane       Madis.-3NE-Coco    M  M            Yahara     M
WDA39  Dane       Madis.-4W-Coco     M  M            Yahara     8
WDA32  Dane       Madis.-5SW-Coco    M  M            Yahara     M
WDA46  Dane       Madis.-6 W-Coco    M  M            Yahara     M
WDA14  Dane       McFarland-Coco     M  M            Yahara     M
WDA33  Dane       Oregon-SW        1.8  07 AM 03/01  Yahara     6
WOZ01  Ozaukee    Cedarburg-Coco     M  M            Milw.      M
WDD06  Dodge      Theresa-Coco.      M  M            Rock.      M
MKX    Jefferson  Sullivan-NWS       M  M            Rock       7
WJF03  Jefferson  Lk Mills-Coco      M  M            Rock       M
FTAW3  Jefferson  Ft. Atkinson       M  M            Rock       M
ONCW3  Waukesha   Oconom.-So.      2.1  07 AM 03/01  Rock       8
OOOW3  Waukesha   Oconom.-2 SW       M  M            Rock       M
WIW03  Iowa       Avoca-N.COCO.      M  M            Pecat.     M
WLF01  Lafayette  Wiota-3E-COCO.     M  M            Pecat.     M
BROW3  Green      Brodhead         2.4  07 AM 03/01  Sugar      8
WEBW3  Burnett    Webster            M  M            St Crx     M
WWB09  Washburn   Spooner-7N-Coco    M  M            St Crx     M
WPK04  Polk       Dresser-Coco       M  M            St Crx     M
GORW3  Polk       Gordon             M  M            St Crx     M
AMEW3  Polk       Amery              M  M            St Crx     M
ROBW3  St. Croix  Roberts-WWTP       M  M            St Crx     7
RVFW3  Pierce     River Falls        M  M            St Crx     6
WPC05  Pierce     River Fls-Coco   2.1  07 AM 03/01  St Crx     7
WBR06  Barron     Cameron-Coco       M  M            Red Cd     M
CBLW3  Barron     Cumberland         M  M            Red Cd     9
WBR02  Barron     Chetek-2SE-Coco  1.9  07 AM 03/01  Red Cd     9
WDN01  Dunn       Boyceville-Coco  2.3  07 AM 03/01  Red Cd    10
MNOW3  Dunn       Menomonie          M  M            Red Cd     4
MEMW3  Dunn       Menomonie-WWTP     M  M            Red Cd     M
PKFW3  Price      Park Falls         M  M            Flamb.     M
CMKW3  Bayfield   Clam Lake-4W       M  M            Chip.     19
CLAW3  Sawyer     New Post           M  M            Chip.      M
WYRW3  Rusk       Weyerhauser        M  M            Chip.      M
WPR04  Price      Park Falls-Coco    M  M            Chip.      M
BGFW3  Rusk       Big Falls-Hydro    M  M            Chip.      M
WRS01  Rusk       Ladysmith-Coco     M  M            Chip.      M
HOLW3  Chippewa   Holcombe-Hyd       M  M            Chip.      M
BMRW3  Chippewa   Bloomer            M  M            Chip.      0
JIMW3  Chippewa   Jim Falls          M  M            Chip.      3
WEC05  Chippewa   Altoona-Coco       M  M            Chip.      M
CHFW3  Chippewa   Chip. Falls        M  M            Chip.      M
CHPW3  Chippewa   Chip. Falls        M  M            Chip.      M
ECLW3  Eau Claire Eau Claire         M  M            Chip.      M
WDN05  Dunn       Elk Mound-Coco     M  M            Chip.      M
DRDW3  Pepin      Durand-WWTP        M  M            Chip.      2
STAW3  Chippewa   Stanley            M  M            Chip.      M
PKFW3  Price      Park Falls         M  M            Chip.      M
WSR01  Sawyer     Hayward-Coco     3.2  12 PM 03/01  Namek.    17
WWB02  Washburn   Stone L-Coco       M  M            Namek.    21
AGSW3  Eau Claire Augusta            M  M            Eau Cl     M
SPRW3  Pierce     Spring Vly         M  M            Eau Ga     M
BALW3  St Croix   Baldwin            M  M            Rush       7
MEDW3  Taylor     Medford            M  M            Black      M
OWEW3  Clark      Owen               M  M            Black      M
NELW3  Clark      Neillsville        M  M            Black      M
HTFW3  Clark      Hatfield           M  M            Black      M
WJK01  Jackson    Bl R Fls-Coco      M  M            Black      M
BLKW3  Jackson    Black R. Fls       M  M            Black      3
GLVW3  La Crosse  Galesville         M  M            Black      3
HLDW3  La Crosse  Holmen-Holland     M  M            Black      M
MDVW3  Buffalo    Mondovi            M  M            Buff.      M
MDIW3  Buffalo    Mondovi            M  M            Buff.      M
MNIW3  Buffalo    Mondovi-2 W        M  M            Buff.      M
BLIW3  Trempealeau Blair-2 NW        M  M            Tremp.     M
BLAW3  Trempealeau Blair             M  M            Tremp.     M
ARCW3  Trempealeau Arcadia           M  M            Tremp.     M
DDGW3  Trempealeau Dodge             M  M            Tremp.     M
SRTW3  Monroe     Sparta             M  M            La Cr.     2
LCFW3  La Crosse  La Crosse-4 NW   0.9  07 AM 03/01  La Cr.     3
HLBW3  Vernon     Hillsboro-2 SW     M  M            Barab.     M
HILW3  Vernon     Hillsboro          M  M            Barab.     M
WSK02  Sauk       Rck Spr.-Coco      M  M            Barab.     6
BBOW3  Sauk       West Baraboo       M  M            Barab.     M
WMN04  Monroe     Wilton-Coco        M  M            Kick.      M
WMN05  Monroe     Cashton-5 N        M  M            Kick.      M
OTRW3  Vernon     Ontario            M  M            Kick.      M
WESW3  Vernon     Westby             M  M            Kick.      M
VQAW3  Vernon     Viroqua            M  M            Kick.      9
WVR03  Vernon     Viola-4NW-Coco     M  M            Kick.      M
REAW3  Vernon     Readstown          M  M            Kick.      M
WCR01  Crawford   Gays M.-Coco       M  M            Kick.      M
GMIW3  Crawford   Gays Mills         M  M            Kick.      M
SBNW3  Crawford   Steuben            M  M            Kick.      M
ARX    La Crosse  NWS-La Crosse    2.1  12 PM 02/28  Miss.      6
TREW3  Trempeal.  Trempealeau        M  M            Miss.      2
GENW3  Vernon     Genoa Dam        1.4  08 AM 02/28  Miss.      M
LYNW3  Crawford   Lynxville Dam    2.6  08 AM 02/28  Miss.      9
PDCW3  Crawford   Prairie Du Ch.   2.0  07 AM 03/01  Miss.      6
WGT01  Grant      Lancaster-Coco     M  M            Grant      M
WGT02  Grant      Plattev.-Coco      M  M            Grant      M
LANW3  Grant      Lancaster          M  M            Grant      M
CBCW3  Grant      Cuba City          M  M            Platte     M
BNNW3  Lafayette  Benton             M  M            Galena     M
JANW3  Rock       Afton/J`ville      M  M            Rock       M

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