Public Information Statement
Issued by NWS Twin Cities, MN

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017 NOUS43 KMPX 271345 PNSMPX MNZ041>045-047>070-073>078-082>085-091>093-WIZ014>016-023>028-280145- Public Information Statement National Weather Service Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN 845 AM CDT Sun Aug 27 2017 ...24 Hour Rainfall Reports ending at 700 AM... ...Across parts of southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin... Location Amount Provider Pine Center 4SSE 1.83 in COCORAHS Rice Lake AP 1.58 in AWOS Chetek AP 1.47 in AWOS Chetek 2SE 1.44 in COCORAHS Golden Valley 2WNW 1.32 in CWOP Ladysmith 2WNW 1.20 in COCORAHS Dallas 4E 1.05 in COCORAHS Sheldon 1.03 in UCOOP Menomonie AP 1.02 in AWOS Tony AP 1.00 in AWOS Ladysmith 2SW 0.99 in RAWS Richfield 2NNW 0.90 in COCORAHS Bruce 6NNE 0.89 in CWOP East Bethel 3NE 0.87 in COCORAHS St. Joseph 0.83 in COCORAHS Motley 6SE 0.83 in COCORAHS Little Falls 0.82 in COCORAHS Jim Falls 3NW 0.76 in COOP St. Cloud (SCSU) 0.75 in UCOOP Wissota 0.70 in UCOOP Wheeler 0.70 in COOP Benson 0.69 in GOES Colfax 7ESE 0.68 in CWOP Miesville 2WSW 0.61 in COCORAHS Montgomery 3E 0.61 in COCORAHS Rice 0.60 in COOP Minneola Alert Gage 0.59 in ALERT Montgomery 3ENE 0.58 in COCORAHS Veseli 2E 0.56 in COCORAHS Eau Claire AP 0.56 in ASOS Augusta 1NW 0.55 in RAWS Granite Ledge 7N 0.52 in CWOP St. Cloud AP 0.52 in ASOS Knapp 2E 0.51 in COCORAHS Milaca 0.51 in COOP Eau Claire 3SSW 0.50 in COCORAHS Clayton 3ENE 0.49 in COCORAHS Eau Claire 0.49 in CWOP Santiago 3E 0.48 in RAWS Stockholm 2NE 0.47 in COCORAHS Sauk Centre AP 0.47 in AWOS Eau Claire-Dells Dam 0.46 in GOES Frontenac 0.45 in UCOOP Eau Claire 1S 0.45 in CWOP Rush City 3NE 0.45 in COCORAHS Minnesota Lake 0.44 in CWOP Mora 0.43 in COOP Hewitt 1NNW 0.42 in COCORAHS Randall 0.42 in CWOP Rush City AP 0.42 in AWOS Manannah 0.41 in GOES Baldwin 0.40 in COOP Mora 2 N 0.40 in COCORAHS Kimball 3N 0.40 in COOP Little Falls 2SSE 0.39 in RAWS Clearwater 0.39 in HADS Milaca 7NNW 0.39 in HADS Grasston 0.39 in HADS Altoona 0.38 in COCORAHS Wanamingo 0.38 in GOES Sunrise 0.38 in UCOOP Eau Claire 2SSW 0.38 in CWOP Foreston 1WNW 0.36 in CWOP Cosmos 1E 0.35 in GOES Long Prairie 0.35 in COOP Melrose 0.35 in COOP North Branch 1NNW 0.34 in COCORAHS Durand 0.34 in USARMY-COE Westport 3ESE 0.34 in COCORAHS Mora 1ENE 0.34 in RAWS Cambridge 0.33 in CWOP Red Wing (L/D 3) 0.33 in COOP Ellendale 6NNE 0.33 in COCORAHS Altoona 1E 0.33 in CWOP Ellendale 0.32 in COCORAHS Lake City 2NW 0.31 in CWOP Princeton 1NE 0.31 in COCORAHS Litchfield 3S 0.30 in RAWS Owatonna 0.30 in COCORAHS Santiago 0.30 in GOES Mora 0.29 in HADS Brooten 3NNE 0.29 in HADS Royalton 4E 0.29 in HADS Avon 4ESE 0.28 in CWOP Zumbrota 2NNE 0.28 in COCORAHS Red Wing 3SE 0.28 in COCORAHS Veseli 1W 0.28 in COCORAHS Stockholm 1S 0.27 in USARMY-COE Regal 0.26 in COCORAHS Orrock 2SE 0.25 in COCORAHS St. Cloud 5W 0.25 in COCORAHS Morristown 0.25 in CWOP Elko 0.25 in CWOP Princeton 1WNW 0.24 in HADS Dawson 0.24 in GOES Roscoe CR27 Alert Gage 0.24 in ALERT Faribault 0.24 in CWOP Philbrook 4SSW 0.24 in GOES Sauk Rapids 4E 0.24 in CWOP Dassel 0.23 in COCORAHS Royalton 2S 0.22 in HADS Carlos 3WSW 0.22 in COOP Stillwater 1NE 0.22 in COCORAHS Searles 5SE 0.21 in CWOP Vasa 5NNE 0.21 in COCORAHS Red Wing 4W 0.21 in COCORAHS Farmington (CWSU) 0.20 in UCOOP Wild River (State Pk) 0.20 in COOP Bird Island 7SSE 0.20 in COCORAHS Morristown 0.19 in GOES Zimmerman 0.19 in CWOP Wells 3ESE 0.19 in CWOP Farmington 2SE 0.19 in COCORAHS Apple Valley 2E 0.19 in COCORAHS Spring Valley 0.19 in USARMY-COE Apple Valley 3ESE 0.18 in COCORAHS River Falls 0.18 in UCOOP Sobieski 3E 0.18 in HADS Waseca 1NNE 0.18 in COCORAHS Beaver Falls 0.17 in GOES Center City 0.17 in COCORAHS Clontarf 0.17 in GOES Glenwood City 5WNW 0.17 in CWOP Hastings (L/D 2) 0.17 in COOP Alexandria 1ENE 0.17 in COCORAHS Bowlus 2E 0.17 in HADS Redwood Falls AP 0.17 in ASOS Branch 8ENE 0.17 in CWOP Bock 3WNW 0.16 in CWOP Scandia 3NNE 0.16 in CWOP Northfield 2WNW 0.16 in CWOP New London 6WSW 0.16 in COCORAHS Deer Park 2SE 0.16 in COCORAHS Easton 3SSE 0.15 in CWOP Circle Pines 1E 0.15 in COCORAHS Minneapolis Dwtn 0.15 in COOP Alexandria AP 0.15 in ASOS St. Paul Dwtn AP 0.15 in ASOS Zumbrota 0.15 in CWOP Roseville 2WNW 0.15 in COCORAHS Madison 5S 0.15 in USGS Orrock 3SE 0.14 in HADS Royalton 0.14 in USGS North St Paul 1NNW 0.14 in COCORAHS Circle Pines 2NE 0.14 in CWOP Roseville 1NW 0.14 in COCORAHS North St. Paul 0.14 in CWOP Dennison 6E 0.14 in COCORAHS Watertown 0.14 in COCORAHS Benson 0.14 in GOES Apple Valley 3SSE 0.14 in COCORAHS Wyoming 6WSW 0.14 in RAWS Buffalo 0.14 in COCORAHS Nelson 2WSW 0.14 in COCORAHS Balsam Lake 4SE 0.14 in COCORAHS Spicer 3WSW 0.14 in COCORAHS Northfield 0.13 in UCOOP Mendota Hgts 2WNW 0.13 in COCORAHS Gordonsville 0.13 in GOES Osceola 1NE 0.12 in CWOP Morris 1 SSE 0.12 in COCORAHS Stillwater 0.12 in COCORAHS Cottage Grove 1ESE 0.12 in CWOP Falcon Hgts 0.12 in HADS Eagan 2SE 0.12 in CWOP Red Wing 2S 0.12 in CWOP Roseville 0.11 in COCORAHS Columbia Hgts 1S 0.11 in COCORAHS St. Clair 0.11 in HADS Cottage Grove 0.11 in CWOP Roseville 2ESE 0.11 in CWOP Coates 2SW 0.11 in HADS Hoffman 0.11 in GOES River Falls 1SW 0.11 in COCORAHS Waconia 0.10 in UCOOP St. Martin 1NW 0.10 in HADS St. Peter 6WSW 0.10 in COCORAHS Minneapolis-St. Paul AP-MSP 0.10 in ASOS Benson 0.10 in GOES Chisago City 4S 0.10 in CWOP Spring Valley 1SSW 0.10 in CWOP New Prague 0.10 in COCORAHS Eagan 2ESE 0.09 in CWOP Woodbury 2S 0.09 in CWOP St. Paul 1SW 0.09 in CWOP Hutchinson 5N 0.09 in COCORAHS Mapleton 4N 0.09 in COCORAHS Elk River 1SSW 0.09 in CWOP Nye 2E 0.09 in COCORAHS Hutchinson AP 0.09 in AWOS Cannon Falls 2S 0.09 in GOES Big Lake 2SSE 0.09 in CWOP Richfield 3NNE 0.09 in CWOP Stillwater 1W 0.08 in CWOP Anoka 1S 0.08 in COCORAHS Chanhassen 0.08 in COCORAHS Silver Lake 1NNW 0.08 in COCORAHS Mankato 4E 0.08 in UCOOP St. Bonifacius 2ENE 0.08 in COCORAHS Willmar 2ENE 0.08 in CWOP Redwood Falls 0.08 in GOES Hugo 2WSW 0.08 in CWOP South St. Paul AP 0.08 in AWOS St. Francis 1S 0.08 in CWOP Waseca 1SSE 0.08 in MNDOT Lake St. Croix Beach 0.07 in CWOP New Ulm 3SE 0.07 in COOP Faribault 0.07 in UCOOP Victoria 0.07 in UCOOP Prior Lake 1WSW 0.07 in COCORAHS Maple Grove 3SW 0.07 in COCORAHS Ramsey 2ESE 0.07 in CWOP Minneapolis 1 WSW 0.07 in COCORAHS Winnebago 0.07 in COOP New Prague 0.07 in CWOP Hugo 2WSW 0.07 in CWOP Rockford 3W 0.07 in GOES Lakeville 1NNE 0.07 in COCORAHS Long Lake 4SW 0.06 in COCORAHS Edina 1SE 0.06 in COCORAHS Robbinsdale 0.06 in COCORAHS Stanton AP 0.06 in AWOS Sogn 0.06 in GOES Edina 1SW 0.06 in COCORAHS Chanhassen (NWS) 0.06 in COOP Lakeville 2NE 0.06 in CWOP Shakopee 1NW 0.06 in CWOP Hastings 1WSW 0.06 in COCORAHS Long Lake 1NW 0.06 in COCORAHS Brownton 0.06 in GOES Chaska 0.06 in COCORAHS Prior Lake 2WSW 0.06 in CWOP Savage 2WNW 0.05 in CWOP Dennison 0.05 in COCORAHS Maple Lake 2SSW 0.05 in CWOP Golden Valley 2WSW 0.05 in COCORAHS Milan 5E 0.05 in USARMY-COE Kasota 4WSW 0.05 in COCORAHS Chanhassen 2SW 0.05 in UCOOP Beauford 0.05 in GOES Northfield 0.05 in CWOP Cokato 4NE 0.05 in HADS Coon Rapids 2ESE 0.05 in CWOP Dresser 2SSW 0.05 in COCORAHS Rogers 2NNE 0.05 in CWOP Osceola AP 0.05 in AWOS Blue Earth 1S 0.04 in COOP St. Peter 6SW 0.04 in GOES Providence 0.04 in GOES Coon Rapids 2NE 0.04 in CWOP Minneapolis 4NNW 0.04 in COCORAHS Morton 0.04 in GOES New Richmond AP 0.04 in AWOS Delano 0.04 in HADS Chaska 1ESE 0.04 in COCORAHS Anoka 2SE 0.04 in CWOP Rogers 3NE 0.04 in CWOP St. Paul 1WSW 0.04 in CWOP Brooklyn Center 1E 0.04 in COCORAHS St. Louis Park 1E 0.04 in CWOP Coon Rapids 1NW 0.04 in CWOP Fairmont AP 0.04 in AWOS Golden Valley 0.04 in COCORAHS Lakeville 1N 0.03 in CWOP Jordan 6E 0.03 in CWOP La Salle 5SE 0.03 in GOES Blue Earth 0.03 in COCORAHS Maple Grove 2WNW 0.03 in COCORAHS French Lake 0.03 in CWOP Robbinsdale 0.03 in CWOP Brooklyn Park 1W 0.03 in CWOP Springfield 0.03 in GOES Richfield 2WSW 0.03 in CWOP Savage 0.03 in CWOP Plymouth 2WSW 0.03 in CWOP Rapidan 0.03 in GOES Hutchinson 0.03 in UCOOP Bricelyn 0.03 in COOP Mankato AP 0.03 in AWOS Garden City 2W 0.03 in USGS Eden Prairie AP 0.03 in ASOS Glencoe AP 0.03 in AWOS White Bear Lake 0.03 in GOES Granite Falls 0.03 in GOES Sterling Center 0.03 in GOES Blue Earth 0.02 in GOES Glencoe 3E 0.02 in UCOOP Carver 3S 0.02 in RAWS Minnetonka 0.02 in CWOP Lester Prairie 0.02 in HADS Victoria 1WSW 0.02 in CWOP Lamberton 0.02 in GOES Hanley Falls 0.02 in GOES Maynard 0.02 in GOES Blue Earth 0.02 in GOES Arlington 0.02 in GOES 4 SE Mankato 0.02 in COCORAHS St. Bonifacius 4ENE 0.02 in CWOP Eden Prairie 3ESE 0.02 in CWOP Montevideo 0.02 in COCORAHS Crystal AP 0.02 in ASOS Cobden 0.01 in GOES Columbia Heights 1WSW 0.01 in CWOP Long Lake 0.01 in COCORAHS Lake Minnetonka 1WSW 0.01 in CWOP Leavenworth 0.01 in GOES Henderson 0.01 in HADS Prior Lake 0.01 in CWOP Mayer 0.01 in UCOOP Hanley Falls 0.01 in GOES Eden Prairie 2WSW 0.01 in COCORAHS Madelia 0.01 in GOES Laq Qui Parle Dam 0.01 in GOES Rapidan 0.01 in GOES Springfield 1NW 0.01 in CWOP Bloomington 3W 0.01 in CWOP Montevideo 1S 0.01 in CWOP Loretto 2NW 0.01 in CWOP Jordan 0.01 in GOES St. James 0.01 in COCORAHS Winnebago 0.01 in GOES Madelia 0.01 in CWOP Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying equipment and exposures. We thank all volunteer weather observers for their dedication. Not all data listed are considered official. $$ is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.