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AXUS44 KLUB 032107
METAR KAD1 032100Z 06008KT 08/M04 A3009 RMK A01 SLP159 T00821044 RH 40%=
METAR KAHS 032100Z 04010KT 11/01 A3006 RMK A01 SLP168 T01150011 RH 48%=
METAR KAI1 032100Z 01009KT 10/M01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP172 T01011016 RH 43%=
METAR KAM1 032100Z 05009KT 08/M03 A3011 RMK A01 SLP178 T00891030 RH 42%=
METAR KAM2 032100Z 02009KT 08/M03 A3011 RMK A01 SLP183 T00871037 RH 41%=
METAR KAM3 032100Z 03013KT 09/M03 A3011 RMK A01 SLP182 T00991037 RH 37%=
METAR KAMH 032100Z 02010KT 10/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP156 T01081009 RH 44%=
METAR KANS 032100Z 02011KT 14/01 A3003 RMK A01 SLP134 T01440016 RH 42%=
METAR KAOS 032100Z 02011KT 10/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP158 T01091002 RH 46%=
METAR KARS 032100Z 02012KT 10/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP162 T01071007 RH 45%=
METAR KASR 032100Z 01013KT 10/01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP183 T01020013 RH 54%=
METAR KASU 032100Z 35009KT 10/02 A3004 RMK A01 SLP163 T01000021 RH 58%=
METAR KBI1 032100Z 02011KT 09/03 A3004 RMK A01 SLP148 T00960038 RH 66%=
METAR KBO1 032100Z 04006KT 08/M04 A3010 RMK A01 SLP156 T00881042 RH 39%=
METAR KBR1 032100Z 08011KT 10/M05 A3008 RMK A01 SLP160 T01071054 RH 31%=
METAR KBWS 032100Z 02013KT 12/M00 A3004 RMK A01 SLP148 T01211001 RH 43%=
METAR KBY1 032100Z 06008KT 10/M02 A3011 RMK A01 SLP181 T01091027 RH 38%=
METAR KCA1 032100Z 33011KT 09/M04 A3010 RMK A01 SLP193 T00951045 RH 36%=
METAR KCA2 032100Z 33004KT 32/01 A2980 RMK A01 SLP058 T03200017 RH 14%=
METAR KCES 032100Z 36012KT 09/M02 A3010 RMK A01 SLP184 T00991028 RH 40%=
METAR KCH1 032100Z 35007KT 08/02 A3006 RMK A01 SLP167 T00860026 RH 65%=
METAR KCL1 032100Z 36008KT 08/M02 A3009 RMK A01 SLP176 T00841026 RH 45%=
METAR KCL2 032100Z 36014KT 05/01 A3007 RMK A01 SLP173 T00520017 RH 78%=
METAR KCO1 032100Z 33008KT 17/03 A3001 RMK A01 SLP139 T01770030 RH 37%=
METAR KCO2 032100Z 02015KT 12/02 A3007 RMK A01 SLP166 T01270021 RH 48%=
METAR KCO3 032100Z 36012KT 09/M00 A3010 RMK A01 SLP195 T00931002 RH 51%=
METAR KCR1 032100Z 02014KT 08/00 A3012 RMK A01 SLP201 T00810000 RH 56%=
METAR KCR2 032100Z 04009KT 14/04 A3002 RMK A01 SLP142 T01490047 RH 50%=
METAR KCXS 032100Z 01013KT 09/M02 A3011 RMK A01 SLP196 T00991022 RH 42%=
METAR KDC1 032100Z 13015KT 20/03 A2996 RMK A01 SLP092 T02080031 RH 31%=
METAR KDMS 032100Z 02010KT 09/M01 A3007 RMK A01 SLP160 T00951015 RH 46%=
METAR KDO1 032100Z 02012KT 10/M02 A3012 RMK A01 SLP198 T01001025 RH 41%=
METAR KDO2 032100Z 01008KT 07/03 A3005 RMK A01 SLP172 T00750033 RH 74%=
METAR KDR1 032100Z 06008KT 11/M02 A3006 RMK A01 SLP136 T01181021 RH 37%=
METAR KDVS 032100Z 03010KT 12/M01 A3003 RMK A01 SLP138 T01291017 RH 36%=
METAR KEA1 032100Z 04010KT 10/M00 A3007 RMK A01 SLP157 T01051009 RH 44%=
METAR KEN1 032100Z 06012KT 10/M04 A3008 RMK A01 SLP160 T01021047 RH 34%=
METAR KES1 032100Z 36011KT 10/M02 A3011 RMK A01 SLP197 T01081022 RH 39%=
METAR KFAS 032100Z 05008KT 10/M01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP157 T01071018 RH 41%=
METAR KFL1 032100Z 22013KT 10/M14 A2999 RMK A01 SLP985 T01051140 RH 16%=
METAR KFLS 032100Z 01012KT 10/M01 A3007 RMK A01 SLP166 T01091019 RH 40%=
METAR KFR1 032100Z 05008KT 08/M04 A3011 RMK A01 SLP188 T00871046 RH 38%=
METAR KFVS 032100Z 02012KT 10/01 A3005 RMK A01 SLP159 T01030011 RH 53%=
METAR KGDS 032100Z 01014KT 08/M00 A3011 RMK A01 SLP198 T00861005 RH 52%=
METAR KGGS 032100Z 04010KT 11/01 A3004 RMK A01 SLP158 T01170019 RH 51%=
METAR KGHS 032100Z 04013KT 11/00 A3004 RMK A01 SLP154 T01130008 RH 49%=
METAR KGO1 032100Z 01007KT 09/M01 A3011 RMK A01 SLP186 T00931013 RH 47%=
METAR KGU1 032100Z 08009KT 12/M01 A3005 RMK A01 SLP067 T01271013 RH 37%=
METAR KHA1 032100Z 36015KT 08/01 A3009 RMK A01 SLP186 T00840017 RH 63%=
METAR KHA2 032100Z 03013KT 09/M01 A3009 RMK A01 SLP171 T00921017 RH 45%=
METAR KHA3 032100Z 01015KT 09/M01 A3010 RMK A01 SLP192 T00981011 RH 46%=
METAR KHE1 032100Z 35015KT 07/00 A3011 RMK A01 SLP197 T00740008 RH 62%=
METAR KHES 032100Z 02009KT 09/M02 A3008 RMK A01 SLP161 T00971023 RH 42%=
METAR KHO1 032100Z 05005KT 14/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP143 T01411009 RH 35%=
METAR KHRS 032100Z 01008KT 09/00 A3007 RMK A01 SLP161 T00980008 RH 54%=
METAR KJTS 032100Z 36012KT 10/00 A3007 RMK A01 SLP178 T01090008 RH 50%=
METAR KJU1 032100Z 02004KT 07/07 A3001 RMK A01 SLP155 T00750072 RH 97%=
METAR KKE1 032100Z 04004KT 14/M00 A3004 RMK A01 SLP111 T01471004 RH 35%=
METAR KKN1 032100Z 01013KT 09/01 A3010 RMK A01 SLP194 T00950016 RH 58%=
METAR KLBW 032100Z 02009KT 11/00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP159 T01140005 RH 47%=
METAR KLD1 032100Z 03012KT 11/M00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP151 T01161009 RH 42%=
METAR KLE1 032100Z 36011KT 12/M01 A3010 RMK A01 SLP191 T01231018 RH 37%=
METAR KLES 032100Z 01014KT 12/01 A3004 RMK A01 SLP148 T01290017 RH 47%=
METAR KLO1 032100Z 04010KT 10/02 A3006 RMK A01 SLP161 T01030026 RH 58%=
METAR KMC1 032100Z 35010KT 07/05 A3002 RMK A01 SLP151 T00720058 RH 90%=
METAR KMC4 032100Z 01011KT 15/05 A3003 RMK A01 SLP146 T01500054 RH 52%=
METAR KMC5 032100Z 36014KT 09/M04 A3010 RMK A01 SLP182 T00921042 RH 38%=
METAR KMC6 032100Z 36014KT 09/M00 A3007 RMK A01 SLP169 T00991009 RH 46%=
METAR KMCS 032100Z 02013KT 08/M04 A3008 RMK A01 SLP183 T00871041 RH 40%=
METAR KMD1 032100Z 35010KT 06/05 A3003 RMK A01 SLP159 T00650057 RH 94%=
METAR KME1 032100Z 36010KT 10/03 A3004 RMK A01 SLP157 T01080039 RH 62%=
METAR KMES 032100Z 36010KT 10/M01 A3011 RMK A01 SLP197 T01041015 RH 43%=
METAR KMNS 032100Z 03009KT 12/M02 A3005 RMK A01 SLP147 T01211025 RH 36%=
METAR KMUS 032100Z 04006KT 10/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP153 T01061004 RH 46%=
METAR KNH1 032100Z 04011KT 11/00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP155 T01150005 RH 46%=
METAR KNOR 032100Z 02011KT 10/M03 A3010 RMK A01 SLP192 T01081030 RH 37%=
METAR KOD1 032055Z 35013KT 06/00 A3014 RMK A01 SLP211 T00620001 RH 65%=
METAR KOES 032100Z 02013KT 13/00 A3004 RMK A01 SLP149 T01300009 RH 43%=
METAR KONS 032100Z 01011KT 10/M00 A3008 RMK A01 SLP166 T01001008 RH 47%=
METAR KPA1 032100Z 34010KT 08/M02 A3010 RMK A01 SLP181 T00811025 RH 46%=
METAR KPAD 032100Z 01015KT 10/M01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP186 T01051012 RH 44%=
METAR KPD1 032100Z 01010KT 10/M02 A3011 RMK A01 SLP178 T01031026 RH 40%=
METAR KPD2 032100Z 03001KT 11/M02 A3010 RMK A01 SLP182 T01171024 RH 36%=
METAR KPD3 032100Z 35011KT 10/M02 A3010 RMK A01 SLP189 T01071027 RH 38%=
METAR KPD4 032100Z 04014KT 08/M06 A3012 RMK A01 SLP195 T00811069 RH 33%=
METAR KPFS 032100Z 01013KT 11/M01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP181 T01101013 RH 42%=
METAR KPG1 032100Z 03010KT 28/03 A2986 RMK A01 SLP067 T02860038 RH 20%=
METAR KPMS 032100Z 01013KT 07/M03 A3010 RMK A01 SLP185 T00791038 RH 43%=
METAR KPPS 032100Z 01009KT 12/M00 A3004 RMK A01 SLP142 T01251004 RH 41%=
METAR KPT1 032100Z 01012KT 13/M00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP159 T01321001 RH 40%=
METAR KPVS 032100Z 02010KT 09/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP164 T00981002 RH 49%=
METAR KQU1 032100Z 03009KT 09/M02 A3010 RMK A01 SLP188 T00951022 RH 43%=
METAR KREE 032100Z 01011KT 11/M00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP154 T01111000 RH 45%=
METAR KRLS 032100Z 02013KT 11/M01 A3006 RMK A01 SLP162 T01131011 RH 42%=
METAR KRO1 032100Z 35015KT 11/00 A3008 RMK A01 SLP173 T01130009 RH 48%=
METAR KRRS 032100Z 02014KT 09/M00 A3008 RMK A01 SLP178 T00941000 RH 52%=
METAR KSB1 032100Z 08003KT 22/M02 A2997 RMK A01 SLP063 T02201020 RH 19%=
METAR KSC1 032100Z 02009KT 08/02 A3007 RMK A01 SLP167 T00830023 RH 66%=
METAR KSDS 032100Z 02010KT 13/M01 A3004 RMK A01 SLP144 T01321016 RH 35%=
METAR KSE1 032100Z 35014KT 05/01 A3011 RMK A01 SLP201 T00570011 RH 73%=
METAR KSE2 032100Z 36009KT 07/07 A2998 RMK A01 SLP139 T00740070 RH 97%=
METAR KSGV 032100Z 02009KT 13/00 A3003 RMK A01 SLP143 T01320000 RH 41%=
METAR KSLS 032100Z 02011KT 11/00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP157 T01160007 RH 47%=
METAR KSM1 032100Z 04010KT 13/M00 A3003 RMK A01 SLP142 T01391008 RH 36%=
METAR KSM2 032100Z 36013KT 12/00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP153 T01230001 RH 43%=
METAR KSP1 032100Z 04013KT 11/M00 A3006 RMK A01 SLP171 T01111002 RH 45%=
METAR KSP2 032100Z 01011KT 09/M01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP172 T00971016 RH 44%=
METAR KST1 032100Z 02012KT 09/03 A3004 RMK A01 SLP153 T00940032 RH 66%=
METAR KST2 032100Z 01015KT 07/01 A3011 RMK A01 SLP190 T00780014 RH 63%=
METAR KST3 032100Z 04011KT 08/M04 A3011 RMK A01 SLP188 T00821047 RH 39%=
METAR KST4 032100Z 05013KT 09/M11 A3011 RMK A01 SLP179 T00961110 RH 22%=
METAR KSVS 032100Z 02012KT 09/M02 A3008 RMK A01 SLP175 T00941021 RH 44%=
METAR KSW1 032100Z 02011KT 08/01 A3007 RMK A01 SLP165 T00880017 RH 60%=
METAR KSYS 032055Z 02011KT 11/01 A3005 RMK A01 SLP159 T01190016 RH 49%=
METAR KTA1 032100Z 01011KT 14/02 A3003 RMK A01 SLP143 T01460023 RH 43%=
METAR KTAS 032100Z 01016KT 13/01 A3004 RMK A01 SLP149 T01310012 RH 44%=
METAR KTAT 032100Z 03008KT 12/M01 A3005 RMK A01 SLP137 T01261011 RH 38%=
METAR KTH1 032100Z 35012KT 05/01 A3011 RMK A01 SLP193 T00540012 RH 74%=
METAR KTIS 032100Z 02010KT 09/M01 A3008 RMK A01 SLP171 T00901017 RH 47%=
METAR KTR1 032100Z 36015KT 08/00 A3010 RMK A01 SLP195 T00860002 RH 55%=
METAR KTUR 032100Z 35012KT 10/M02 A3009 RMK A01 SLP186 T01051025 RH 40%=
METAR KUM1 032100Z 05008KT 09/M02 A3010 RMK A01 SLP171 T00921025 RH 43%=
METAR KVA1 032100Z 35008KT 19/M00 A2999 RMK A01 SLP096 T01951006 RH 25%=
METAR KVP1 032100Z 02009KT 08/M01 A3010 RMK A01 SLP177 T00891019 RH 46%=
METAR KWA1 032100Z 02013KT 08/03 A3006 RMK A01 SLP170 T00830039 RH 74%=
METAR KWE1 032100Z 02014KT 07/00 A3010 RMK A01 SLP194 T00770009 RH 61%=
METAR KWE2 032100Z 01009KT 13/01 A3004 RMK A01 SLP148 T01330018 RH 45%=
METAR KWOS 032100Z 05011KT 11/M00 A3004 RMK A01 SLP151 T01181002 RH 43%=
METAR KWT1 032100Z 03015KT 12/02 A3006 RMK A01 SLP163 T01200024 RH 52%=
METAR KWVS 032100Z 02016KT 11/M00 A3005 RMK A01 SLP163 T01191004 RH 42%=


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