Hydro-Met Data Report Part 1

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NWS Weather Forecast Office Identifier
AKQ - Wakefield, VA
ALY - Albany, NY
BGM - Binghamton, NY
BOX - Boston, MA
BRO - Brownsville, TX
BTV - Burlington, VT
BUF - Buffalo, NY
CAE - Columbia, SC
CAR - Caribou, ME
CLE - Cleveland, OH
CTP - State College, PA
DLH - Duluth, MN
DTX - Detroit/Pontiac, MI
EAX - Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, MO
FFC - Atlanta, GA
FGF - Grand Forks, ND
FWR - West Gulf RFC
GRR - Grand Rapids, MI
GSP - Greer, SC
GYX - Portland, ME
ILM - Wilmington, NC
ILX - Central Illinois
IWX - Northern Indiana
JKL - Jackson, KY
LCH - Lake Charles, LA
LKN - Elko, NV
LMK - Louisville, KY
LOT - Chicago, IL
LSX - St. Louis, MO
MQT - Marquette, MI
MSO - Missoula, MT
MSP - Twin Cities, MN
MSR - North Central River Forecast Center
OKX - Upton, NY
ORN - Lower Mississippi RFC
OTX - Spokane, WA
OUN - Oklahoma City, OK
PAH - Paducah, KY
PHI - Mt. Holly, NJ
PTR - Northwest RFC
RHA - Middle Atlantic RFC
RLX - Charleston, WV
RNK - Blacksburg, VA
SEW - Seattle/Tacoma, WA
SGF - Springfield, MO
TAR - Northeast RFC
TBW - Tampa Bay Area, FL
TFX - Great Falls, MT
TOP - Topeka, KS
UNR - Rapid City, SD
VEF - Las Vegas, NV

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