Coastal Flood Warnings/Watches/Statements

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NWS Weather Forecast Office Identifier
AKQ - Wakefield, VA
APX - Gaylord, MI
BRO - Brownsville, TX
BUF - Buffalo, NY
CAR - Caribou, ME
CLE - Cleveland, OH
CRP - Corpus Christi, TX
DLH - Duluth, MN
DTX - Detroit/Pontiac, MI
GRR - Grand Rapids, MI
GYX - Portland, ME
HGX - Houston/Galveston, TX
ILM - Wilmington, NC
IWX - Northern Indiana
KEY - Key West, FL
LOT - Chicago, IL
LWX - Sterling, VA
MOB - Mobile, AL
MQT - Marquette, MI
PPG - Pago Pago