Hydrometeorological Discussion
Issued by NWS Missouri Basin, Pleasant Hill

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AGUS73 KKRF 201726

Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Wednesday May 20, 2015

During the past 24 hours ending at 7am Wednesday, precipitation fell
in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, southern
Montana and southern South Dakota. The heaviest precipitation fell
in central Wyoming, eastern Colorado, western Nebraska, Kansas and
western Missouri. Water equivalent amounts exceeded one inch in
these areas. Reports are shown below:


                  Colorado Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
ATWC2       ATWOOD CO 1SSE                  1.09
BRLC2       BURLINGTON CO                   1.04
COCH34      ARAPAHO                         1.02

                  Kansas Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
ATDK1       ATWOOD KS                       1.85
CB1         COLBY HS                        1.77
KSMP14      GALVA                           1.75
KSTH22      COLBY                           1.69
KSTH18      COLBY                           1.69
KSSH04      GOODLAND                        1.61
KSRA09      HERNDON                         1.60
SVRK1       OAKLEY KS CRN 19SSW             1.56
GLD         GOODLAND KS WFO                 1.53
GCWK1       GOVE                            1.48
KSMP02      MCPHERSON                       1.43
GTAK1       GALATIA KS 4E                   1.40
KSDC01      NORCATUR                        1.40
OBRK1       OBERLIN KS                      1.39
KSNT03      NORTON                          1.27
KSWB02      ESKRIDGE                        1.26
KSGO08      GRAINFIELD                      1.24
KSSN05      TOPEKA                          1.23
KSGO07      PARK                            1.20
SN0         LENORA KS                       1.18
EONK1       EASTON KS                       1.16
LTTK1       LORETTA KS 1W                   1.12
DBZ         GOODLAND KS 4W                  1.08
LSBK1       LINDSBORG KS                    1.07
INNK1       INMAN KS                        1.05
TOP         TOPEKA KS WFO                   1.03

                  Missouri Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
MOCS02      RAYMORE                         1.15
MOJC01      UNITY VILLAGE                   1.08
UVAM7       UNITY VILLAGE MO 3ESE           1.08

                  Nebraska Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
RED001      McCOOK 5.4SW                    1.57
RED019      MCCOOK 4.6NNW                   1.56
HITC018     CULBERTSON NE 15S               1.48
RED011      MCCOOK                          1.47
FRON002     CURTIS NE 7SE                   1.45
FRON014     NeRain Stn                      1.42
FRON017     NeRain Stn                      1.41
RED005      INDIANOLA 2.2NW                 1.38
FRON004     CURTIS NE 1W                    1.34
FRON008     CURTIS NE                       1.33
PERK017     WALLACE NE 9WSW                 1.32
DUND019     BENKELMAN NE 5NW                1.32
MCKN1       MCCOOK NE 4SW                   1.32
WLSN1       WILSONVILLE NE                  1.32
RED015      CAMBRIDGE 3.5N                  1.31
FURN015     ARAPAHOE NE 5SW                 1.30
CHAS023     IMPERIAL NE 12N                 1.30
HITC004     NeRain Stn                      1.30
FRON007     MAYWOOD NE                      1.27
DUND014     BENKELMAN NE 4WNW               1.27
PERK023     NeRain Stn                      1.26
CHAS016     LAMAR NE 3S                     1.25
DUND015     WAUNETA NE 7S                   1.25
PERK010     NeRain Stn                      1.25
DUND005     MAX NE 4NNE                     1.25
MKRN1       MCCOOK NE 1SE                   1.24
HAYE010     NeRain Stn                      1.24
FRON011     NeRain Stn                      1.24
CHAS029     CHAMPION NE 3SW                 1.23
FRON015     NeRain Stn                      1.23
PERK009     GRANT NE 3S                     1.23
BOX013      ALLIANCE 1.2NW                  1.23
DUND011     MAX NE 5WNW                     1.23
DUND010     PARKS NE 6NW                    1.22
HARL012     NeRain Stn                      1.21
FRON016     NeRain Stn                      1.20
LINC049     WELLFLEET NE 4ENE               1.19
FURN008     NeRain Stn                      1.18
HITC020     NeRain Stn                      1.18
CHAS011     IMPERIAL NE 5WNW                1.18
FRON010     NeRain Stn                      1.18
CHAS012     CHAMPION NE 8W                  1.17
DUND009     PARKS NE 16N                    1.16
CHAS003     IMPERIAL NE 8S                  1.15
CHEY005     SIDNEY NE 7S                    1.15
PERK008     NeRain Stn                      1.15
DUND020     WAUNETA NE 6S                   1.15
HAYE005     WALLACE NE 10S                  1.14
HAYE004     WAUNETA NE 5E                   1.13
CHAS002     ENDERS NE 3W                    1.13
CHAS001     IMPERIAL NE                     1.11
FURN010     BEAVER CITY NE 3W               1.11
CHAS025     CHAMPION NE 4SSE                1.11
PERK014     NeRain Stn                      1.10
CHER016     VALENTINE NE                    1.10
CHAS017     ELSIE NE 16S                    1.08
PERK021     NeRain Stn                      1.08
CHEY007     SIDNEY NE 1SSE                  1.08
HAYN1       HAYES CENTER NE 1NW             1.05
FURN004     NeRain Stn                      1.05
HAYE003     HAYES CENTER NE                 1.05
CHAS028     ENDERS NE 1NNW                  1.05
FRON006     NeRain Stn                      1.04
LINC040     NeRain Stn                      1.03
CHEY001     LODGEPOLE NE 8N                 1.03
LINC023     SUTHERLAND NE 2SW               1.02

                  Wyoming Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
RCHW4       LANDER CRN 11SSE                1.44
LND         LANDER WY 1S                    1.32
WYFM32      LANDER 1.3SW                    1.12
WYFM37      LANDER 7.3WNW                   1.01

Amounts elsewhere were under one inch.

During the next 24 hours ending at 7am Thursday, precipitation can
be expected in southwest Montana, Wyoming, southern South Dakota,
Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. Half to three quarters of an
inch rainfall is possible in Missouri. Water equivalent amounts
elsewhere will be under half an inch.

Flooding is occurring or is forecast to occur in the following:

River:         State:
Platte            NE
Grand             MO
James             SD
Marais Des Cygnes KS
Missouri          MO
Platte            MO
Little Osage      MO
Osage             MO
Big Creek         MO
South Platte      CO/NE
Cache La Poudre   CO

Forecasts issued today:

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                              Time Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           14:39 Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           14:43 Z
ELK     ELKHORN/PLATTE                    01:57 Z
ELK     ELKHORN/PLATTE                    06:42 Z
ELK     ELKHORN/PLATTE                    15:06 Z
GRA     GRAND/CHARITON                    00:40 Z
GRA     GRAND/CHARITON                    06:44 Z
GRA     GRAND/CHARITON                    13:40 Z
JAM     JAMES/VERMILLION                  00:50 Z
JAM     JAMES/VERMILLION                  06:45 Z
JAM     JAMES/VERMILLION                  14:43 Z
KRF     Undetermined Forecast Group       13:35 Z
KRF     Undetermined Forecast Group       15:35 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            14:21 Z
LDT     LOWER DAKOTA TRIBS                01:10 Z
LDT     LOWER DAKOTA TRIBS                13:32 Z
LDT     LOWER DAKOTA TRIBS                16:06 Z
MDC     MARAIS DES CYGNES                 00:47 Z
MDC     MARAIS DES CYGNES                 06:47 Z
MDC     MARAIS DES CYGNES                 09:10 Z
MDC     MARAIS DES CYGNES                 11:23 Z
MDC     MARAIS DES CYGNES                 14:24 Z
MDC     MARAIS DES CYGNES                 14:49 Z
MIL     MILK                              15:21 Z
MIL     MILK                              15:22 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 01:53 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:43 Z
NPL     NORTH PLATTE                      01:09 Z
NPL     NORTH PLATTE                      14:49 Z
OSG     OSAGE                             00:05 Z
OSG     OSAGE                             14:31 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      01:42 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      01:44 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      01:44 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      14:20 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      14:24 Z
UDT     UPPER DAKOTA TRIBS                01:13 Z
UDT     UPPER DAKOTA TRIBS                14:44 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    15:19 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    15:20 Z
URP     UPPER REPUBLICAN                  00:24 Z
URP     UPPER REPUBLICAN                  13:13 Z
URP     UPPER REPUBLICAN                  15:36 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       14:42 Z



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