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Elbert Mountain - Monument Pass
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2810:50NW 516FairCLR17.81.1 32%NANA76.48NA
2810:35Calm16FairCLR17.80 30%NANA76.48NA
2810:15W 516FairCLR17.81.1 32%NANA76.5NA
2809:55SW 816FairCLR17.21.1 34%NANA76.5NA
2809:35W 1116FairCLR17.22.8 39%NANA76.5NA
2809:15SW 1016FairCLR16.13.9 45%NANA76.5NA
2808:55S 816FairCLR155 51%NANA76.53NA
2808:35S 1416FairCLR156.1 55%NANA76.53NA
2808:15S 1316FairCLR12.87.2 67%NANA76.53NA
2807:55SE 816FairCLR12.27.2 72%NANA76.53NA
2807:35SW 1016FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.53NA
2807:15SW 1316FairCLR107.2 82%8.3NA76.5NA
2806:55S 1116FairCLR7.86.1 87%5.6NA76.53NA
2806:35S 1016FairCLR7.26.1 93%5.6NA76.5NA
2806:15S 1116FairCLR6.15 93%3.9NA76.5NA
2805:55S 1016FairCLR52.8 87%2.8NA76.48NA
2805:35SW 1016FairCLR53.9 93%2.8NA76.45NA
2805:15W 816FairCLR53.9 93%3.3NA76.45NA
2804:55W 516FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.48NA
2804:35W 516FairCLR53.9 93%NANA76.48NA
2804:15W 516FairCLR55 100%NANA76.48NA
2803:55W 516FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.48NA
2803:35Calm16FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.48NA
2803:15W 816FairCLR6.13.9 87%4.4NA76.48NA
2802:55SW 1116FairCLR6.15 93%3.9NA76.48NA
2802:35SW 516FairCLR6.13.9 87%NANA76.48NA
2802:15W 816FairCLR6.13.9 87%4.4NA76.48NA
2801:55W 1116FairCLR6.13.9 87%3.9NA76.5NA
2801:35NW 1116FairCLR6.13.9 87%3.9NA76.5NA
2801:15W 1016FairCLR7.23.9 81%5.6NA76.5NA
2800:55Calm16FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.48NA
2800:35W 1016FairCLR7.25 87%5.6NA76.5NA
2800:15W 13 G 2716Partly CloudySCT070 SCT0857.25 87%5NA76.53NA
2723:55SE 816 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT042 BKN070 BKN0857.85 82%6.7NA76.48NA
2723:35Calm16OvercastBKN044 OVC0507.83.9 76%NANA76.53NA
2723:15N 516OvercastBKN046 OVC0557.83.9 76%NANA76.5NA
2722:55N 816OvercastBKN043 OVC0508.92.8 66%7.8NA76.5NA
2722:35N 1016Mostly CloudyBKN050 BKN0907.23.9 81%5.6NA76.5NA
2722:15N 1016Mostly CloudySCT055 BKN100 BKN1207.22.8 76%5.6NA76.48NA
2721:55N 1916 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinitySCT050 SCT065 BKN1107.22.8 76%3.9NA76.45NA0.33
2721:35NE 816 Thunderstorm Light RainSCT048 BKN055 OVC0758.96.1 82%7.8NA76.48NA0.1
2721:15N 1016 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinitySCT019 BKN048 OVC055106.1 76%8.9NA76.48NA0.03
2720:55NW 23 G 2716 ThunderstormSCT019 BKN075 OVC10012.27.8 77%NANA76.43NA
2720:35E 21 G 2616 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinityBKN060 BKN080 OVC09512.27.8 77%NANA76.3NA
2720:15W 1016 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT070 OVC08012.87.8 72%NANA76.35NA
2719:55N 1316 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT060 BKN080 OVC10012.87.8 72%NANA76.28NA
2719:35E 1116Mostly CloudySCT080 BKN100 BKN12012.87.8 72%NANA76.28NA
2719:15SE 1316Mostly CloudySCT080 SCT090 BKN11013.96.1 59%NANA76.28NA
2718:55SE 26 G 3516 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT090155 51%NANA76.28NA
2718:35Calm16Partly CloudySCT12016.12.8 42%NANA76.2NA
2718:15NW 516Partly CloudySCT120152.8 45%NANA76.23NA
2717:55NW 14 G 2916Partly CloudySCT110151.1 39%NANA76.25NA
2717:35NW 29 G 5616Mostly CloudyBKN100 BKN120152.2 42%NANA76.3NA
2717:15W 24 G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN10017.81.1 32%NANA76.3NA
2716:55S 24 G 3416FairCLR18.91.1 30%NANA76.25NA
2716:35S 32 G 4516FairCLR202.8 33%NANA76.23NA
2716:15S 35 G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR17.28.9 60%NANA76.2NA
2715:55S 35 G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR17.87.2 49%NANA76.23NA
2715:35S 37 G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR207.8 46%NANA76.23NA
2715:15SE 37 G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR21.17.2 40%NANA76.25NA
2714:55S 39 G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR207.2 43%NANA76.28NA
2714:35SE 32 G 4016FairCLR207.8 46%NANA76.3NA
2714:15SE 35 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR18.97.8 49%NANA76.3NA
2713:55SE 37 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR18.98.9 52%NANA76.3NA
2713:35SE 35 G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR207.8 46%NANA76.33NA
2713:15SE 34 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR18.98.9 52%NANA76.33NA
2712:55S 34 G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR18.910 56%NANA76.35NA
2712:35SE 29 G 3716FairCLR17.810 60%NANA76.35NA
2712:15SE 27 G 3516FairCLR17.810 60%NANA76.38NA
2711:55SE 27 G 3516FairCLR17.810 60%NANA76.38NA
2711:35S 26 G 3516FairCLR17.88.9 56%NANA76.4NA
2711:15S 26 G 3216FairCLR17.87.8 52%NANA76.4NA
2710:55S 27 G 3516FairCLR17.27.2 52%NANA76.43NA
2710:35S 26 G 3416FairCLR17.27.8 56%NANA76.4NA
2710:15S 2616FairCLR17.27.8 56%NANA76.4NA
2709:55S 27 G 3416FairCLR16.17.2 55%NANA76.43NA
2709:35S 2616FairCLR16.17.2 55%NANA76.43NA
2709:15S 26 G 3416FairCLR16.17.8 59%NANA76.45NA
2708:55S 1916FairCLR158.9 68%NANA76.45NA
2708:35S 24 G 2916FairCLR12.87.8 72%NANA76.43NA
2708:15S 1616FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.45NA
2707:55S 23 G 3216FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.43NA
2707:35SE 1916FairCLR107.8 88%7.2NA76.43NA
2707:15SE 2116FairCLR107.8 88%7.2NA76.45NA
2706:55SE 1616Partly CloudySCT0027.87.2 93%5NA76.43NA
2706:35S 235 Fog/MistOVC0027.27.2 100%3.9NA76.43NA
2706:15SE 23 G 292 Fog/MistBKN0027.27.2 100%3.9NA76.45NA
2705:55SE 23 G 2916FairCLR7.27.2 100%3.9NA76.48NA
2705:35S 516FairCLR7.86.1 87%NANA76.43NA
2705:15S 1116FairCLR7.86.1 87%5.6NA76.43NA
2704:55S 1116Partly CloudySCT1108.96.1 82%7.2NA76.43NA
2704:35S 1116Partly CloudySCT1107.87.2 93%5.6NA76.45NA
2704:15SW 1116FairCLR7.87.2 93%5.6NA76.45NA
2703:55S 1116Partly CloudySCT0107.87.2 93%5.6NA76.53NA
2703:35SW 2416Mostly CloudyBKN0107.87.2 93%4.4NA76.56NA
2703:15S 1116FairCLR7.26.1 93%5NA76.5NA
2702:55S 816Partly CloudySCT0127.87.2 93%6.7NA76.5NA
2702:35S 816Mostly CloudyBKN0127.87.2 93%6.7NA76.48NA
2701:55S 1416Partly CloudySCT0118.97.8 94%6.7NA76.5NA
2623:15S 1316OvercastOVC011107.8 88%8.3NA76.68NA
2622:55S 24 G 3216OvercastBKN011 OVC095107.8 88%7.2NA76.66NA
2622:35S 1916OvercastBKN011 OVC095107.8 88%7.2NA76.63NA
2622:15SE 27 G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN011 BKN020107.8 88%6.7NA76.61NA
2621:55S 21 G 3716Mostly CloudyBKN011 BKN022108.9 94%7.2NA76.61NA
2621:35SE 27 G 3916Partly CloudySCT01311.18.9 88%NANA76.56NA
2621:15SE 23 G 2916FairCLR107.8 88%7.2NA76.53NA
2620:55SE 1616FairCLR106.1 76%7.8NA76.53NA
2620:35SE 16 G 2616FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.53NA
2620:15SE 1916FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.5NA
2619:55SE 2116FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.5NA
2619:35SE 2316FairCLR12.27.2 72%NANA76.5NA
2619:15SE 26 G 3416FairCLR12.27.2 72%NANA76.5NA
2618:55SE 1416FairCLR12.27.2 72%NANA76.5NA
2618:35SE 1416FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.48NA
2618:15SE 1116FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.48NA
2617:55S 1616FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.45NA
2617:35S 2616Partly CloudySCT11011.16.1 72%NANA76.48NA
2617:15S 21 G 3416 Thunderstorm in VicinityOVC11012.26.1 67%NANA76.43NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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