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Edgar County Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1821:35N 1416 DrizzleOVC0159.47.8 91%7.2NA75.51NA
1821:15N 1316OvercastBKN015 OVC0219.47.8 92%7.8NA75.54NA
1820:55N 1316OvercastSCT014 OVC0219.47.8 92%7.8NA75.54NA
1820:35N 19 G 2916OvercastOVC0149.47.8 92%6.7NA75.51NA
1820:15NW 16 G 2916OvercastOVC0149.47.8 92%7.2NA75.51NA
1819:55N 16 G 2616OvercastOVC0129.47.8 92%7.2NA75.54NA
1819:35NW 26 G 3516OvercastOVC0149.48.3 92%6.1NA75.51NA
1819:15NW 24 G 3416 Light DrizzleOVC0149.48.3 94%6.1NA75.51NA
1818:55NW 21 G 2916 Light DrizzleSCT014 OVC0199.48.3 12.89.494%6.7NA75.51NA0.030.76
1818:35NW 24 G 348 Light RainSCT011 BKN017 OVC0239.48.3 92%6.1NA75.51NA0.03
1818:15NW 2311 DrizzleBKN009 BKN012 OVC022108.9 94%7.2NA75.51NA
1817:55NW 1611 Light RainSCT007 BKN016 OVC055109.4 96%7.8NA75.49NA0.08
1817:35NW 218 Light RainSCT007 SCT012 OVC016109.4 96%7.2NA75.46NA0.05
1817:15NW 21 G 268 Light RainBKN007 OVC01610.610 95%NANA75.49NA0.03
1816:55NW 238 Light RainBKN007 BKN025 OVC03711.110.6 96%NANA75.49NA0.15
1816:35NW 19 G 268 DrizzleSCT009 BKN035 OVC04811.110.6 96%NANA75.49NA0.1
1816:15NW 21 G 268 DrizzleSCT009 BKN014 OVC04511.110 95%NANA75.46NA0.05
1815:55NW 19 G 296 RainBKN009 OVC01710.610 95%NANA75.46NA0.30.48
1815:35NW 218 Light RainSCT009 OVC01411.110.6 96%NANA75.41NA0.13
1815:15NW 24 G 348 Light RainOVC01111.710.6 93%NANA75.44NA0.05
1814:55NW 24 G 3411 Light RainOVC01112.210.6 91%NANA75.44NA0.08
1814:35NW 2311 DrizzleOVC00912.211.1 92%NANA75.41NA0.05
1814:15NW 24 G 298 RainOVC00912.211.1 93%NANA75.44NA0.03
1813:55NW 24 G 348 DrizzleOVC00912.811.7 93%NANA75.41NA0.1
1813:35NW 23 G 348 RainOVC00912.811.7 92%NANA75.36NA0.08
1813:15NW 21 G 356 RainOVC00712.811.7 92%NANA75.39NA0.05
1812:55NW 248 RainOVC00712.812.2 2012.894%NANA75.39NA0.10.38
1812:35NW 326 RainOVC00713.312.8 95%NANA75.39NA0.05
1812:15NW 34 G 4511Overcast and BreezyBKN007 BKN011 OVC02015.613.9 91%NANA75.36NA
1811:55SW 35 G 4816Overcast and BreezyBKN022 OVC0322016.7 83%NANA75.29NA
1811:35SW 42 G 5116Overcast and WindyBKN022 OVC03219.416.7 83%NANA75.29NA
1811:15SW 34 G 4716Overcast and BreezyBKN022 OVC02818.916.1 84%NANA75.29NA
1810:55S 40 G 5116Overcast and BreezyOVC02018.316.1 88%NANA75.29NA
1810:35S 42 G 5016Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT020 BKN028 BKN08518.316.7 89%NANA75.26NA
1810:15S 32 G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN085 BKN11018.316.7 90%NANA75.26NA
1809:55S 2716Mostly CloudySCT095 BKN12017.816.7 92%NANA75.23NA0.28
1809:35S 2916Mostly CloudySCT009 SCT085 BKN11017.816.7 94%NANA75.23NA
1809:15S 34 G 4816Overcast and BreezySCT009 SCT055 OVC08517.216.7 96%NANA75.23NA
1808:55S 37 G 488 Light Rain and BreezySCT065 BKN080 OVC09517.216.1 95%NANA75.26NA0.08
1808:35S 40 G 518 Light Rain and BreezySCT009 SCT019 OVC09516.716.1 96%NANA75.29NA0.05
1808:15S 35 G 458 Light Rain and BreezyOVC00916.716.1 96%NANA75.26NA0.03
1807:55S 39 G 456 Rain and BreezyBKN009 BKN020 OVC02616.716.1 96%NANA75.29NA0.2
1807:35S 34 G 473 Heavy Rain and BreezySCT009 SCT014 OVC02016.716.1 96%NANA75.31NA0.1
1807:15S 2716 Light RainOVC02017.216.1 93%NANA75.26NA
1806:55SE 2116 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinityOVC02017.216.1 18.917.294%NANA75.26NA0.050.89
1806:35SE 2116 Light DrizzleBKN02017.216.1 95%NANA75.29NA
1806:15SE 1616Partly CloudySCT022 SCT02917.216.1 95%NANA75.26NA
1805:55SE 1416OvercastOVC02217.216.7 97%NANA75.31NA0.23
1805:35SE 1016 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinityBKN022 BKN031 OVC05017.216.7 96%NANA75.29NA0.2
1805:15SW 118 Thunderstorm RainSCT032 BKN042 OVC06017.216.7 96%NANA75.36NA0.13
1804:55SW 248 Thunderstorm Heavy RainSCT032 BKN065 OVC08017.816.7 94%NANA75.46NA0.36
1804:35S 2411 Thunderstorm RainSCT009 BKN060 OVC10017.816.7 94%NANA75.36NA0.18
1804:15S 278 Thunderstorm RainBKN009 BKN031 OVC06517.216.7 96%NANA75.34NA0.1
1803:55SW 27 G 358 Thunderstorm Heavy RainSCT029 BKN060 OVC10017.216.7 95%NANA75.39NA0.20.2
1803:35SW 2616 Thunderstorm RainSCT060 SCT070 OVC10017.816.1 90%NANA75.39NA0.03
1803:15S 2416 Thunderstorm Light RainSCT025 SCT042 OVC11018.316.1 88%NANA75.36NA
1802:55SW 2116 Thunderstorm Light RainOVC02318.915.6 82%NANA75.41NA
1802:35S 2616 ThunderstormSCT02118.915.6 82%NANA75.44NA
1802:10S 2616FairCLR18.915.6 81%NANA75.39NA
1801:55S 26 G 3516FairCLR18.915.6 79%NANA75.39NA
1801:35S 29 G 4016 ThunderstormCLR18.915 78%NANA75.46NA
1801:15S 27 G 3916FairCLR18.915 78%NANA75.46NA
1800:55S 3216FairCLR18.915 23.318.377%NANA75.49NA
1800:35S 2116FairCLR18.315 80%NANA75.49NA
1800:15S 2416FairCLR18.915 78%NANA75.49NA
1723:55S 2716FairCLR18.914.4 77%NANA75.49NA
1723:35S 2716FairCLR18.914.4 76%NANA75.49NA
1723:15S 29 G 3716FairCLR18.914.4 75%NANA75.49NA
1722:55S 26 G 3716FairCLR18.914.4 74%NANA75.54NA
1722:35SW 2616FairCLR19.414.4 72%NANA75.57NA
1722:15SW 29 G 4016FairCLR2013.9 70%NANA75.57NA
1721:55S 32 G 4016FairCLR2013.9 67%NANA75.57NA
1721:35S 35 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR2013.3 66%NANA75.57NA
1721:15S 35 G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR20.613.3 63%NANA75.59NA
1720:55SW 32 G 4016FairCLR20.612.8 62%NANA75.57NA
1720:35SW 3216FairCLR21.112.8 59%NANA75.57NA
1720:15SW 32 G 3716FairCLR21.112.8 59%NANA75.54NA
1719:55S 2416FairCLR21.713.3 60%NANA75.54NA
1719:35S 27 G 4216FairCLR22.213.3 56%NANA75.51NA
1719:15S 2616FairCLR22.813.3 54%NANA75.51NA
1718:55S 37 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR23.313.3 26.721.754%NANA75.54NA
1718:35S 34 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR23.913.3 52%NANA75.51NA
1718:15S 34 G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR24.413.3 49%NA25.675.54NA
1717:55S 35 G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR2512.2 45%NA25.675.51NA
1717:35S 47 G 5616Partly Cloudy and WindySCT07025.612.2 43%NA26.175.49NA
1717:15S 3916Overcast and BreezyOVC07525.612.8 45%NA26.175.49NA
1716:55S 35 G 5316Overcast and BreezyOVC0752512.8 46%NA25.675.54NA
1716:35S 32 G 4816OvercastOVC07525.612.8 44%NA26.175.54NA
1716:15S 37 G 4816Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN08526.112.2 42%NA26.175.54NA
1715:55S 34 G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR26.713.3 44%NA26.775.57NA
1715:35S 40 G 5616Fair and BreezyCLR26.113.9 48%NA26.775.59NA
1715:15S 35 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR25.614.4 49%NA26.175.62NA
1714:55S 45 G 5116Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0852513.9 49%NA26.175.67NA
1714:35S 35 G 4016Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0852514.4 52%NA26.175.69NA
1714:15S 29 G 3916FairCLR24.414.4 53%NA25.675.74NA
1713:55S 27 G 4016FairCLR23.914.4 56%NANA75.74NA
1713:35S 2916FairCLR23.314.4 58%NANA75.79NA
1713:15S 2716FairCLR22.814.4 59%NANA75.84NA
1712:55S 2616Partly CloudySCT12021.713.9 21.714.462%NANA75.87NA
1712:35S 24 G 3216Partly CloudySCT12021.113.3 62%NANA75.9NA
1712:15S 2316FairCLR20.613.3 65%NANA75.9NA
1711:55S 2316FairCLR2013.3 65%NANA75.95NA
1711:35S 27 G 3716Partly CloudySCT11019.412.8 65%NANA75.97NA
1711:15S 2916Mostly CloudySCT048 SCT070 BKN11018.312.8 69%NANA75.95NA
1710:55S 2316FairCLR18.312.8 71%NANA75.97NA
1710:35S 2416FairCLR18.312.8 70%NANA76.02NA
1710:15S 2316FairCLR18.912.8 68%NANA76.02NA
1709:55S 1616FairCLR18.312.8 70%NANA76.05NA
1709:35S 1616FairCLR17.812.8 73%NANA76.05NA
1709:15S 1616FairCLR16.712.2 76%NANA76.05NA
1708:55S 1416FairCLR16.712.2 76%NANA76.07NA
1708:35S 1316FairCLR16.112.2 77%NANA76.1NA
1708:15S 1116FairCLR15.612.2 79%NANA76.07NA
1707:55S 1316FairCLR15.612.2 82%NANA76.07NA
1707:35SE 816FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA76.1NA
1707:15S 1116FairCLR14.411.7 85%NANA76.1NA
1706:55S 1316FairCLR14.411.7 16.112.883%NANA76.1NA
1706:35S 1416FairCLR14.411.7 82%NANA76.1NA
1706:15S 1116FairCLR13.911.1 83%NANA76.07NA
1705:55S 1316FairCLR14.411.1 82%NANA76.07NA
1705:35S 1116FairCLR13.311.1 86%NANA76.07NA
1705:15SE 1016FairCLR13.311.1 86%NANA76.05NA
1704:55S 1016FairCLR13.911.1 84%NANA76.07NA
1704:35S 1116FairCLR13.911.1 84%NANA76.07NA
1704:15S 1116FairCLR13.911.1 83%NANA76.07NA
1703:55S 1016FairCLR13.310.6 82%NANA76.07NA
1703:35SE 1116FairCLR13.910.6 80%NANA76.05NA
1703:15SE 1016FairCLR13.910.6 80%NANA76.05NA
1702:55SE 1016FairCLR13.910.6 81%NANA76.02NA
1702:35SE 1016FairCLR13.910.6 80%NANA76.02NA
1702:15SE 1116FairCLR13.910.6 82%NANA76.05NA
1701:55SE 1116FairCLR13.311.1 85%NANA76.07NA
1701:35SE 1316FairCLR1511.1 77%NANA76.07NA
1701:15SE 1116FairCLR15.611.1 74%NANA76.07NA
1700:55SE 1011FairCLR16.110.6 22.21570%NANA76.1NA
1700:35SE 1016FairCLR16.710.6 67%NANA76.12NA
1700:15SE 1016FairCLR16.710.6 68%NANA76.12NA
1623:55SE 1016FairCLR15.610.6 73%NANA76.12NA
1623:35SE 1116FairCLR15.611.1 76%NANA76.12NA
1623:15S 1116FairCLR1511.1 78%NANA76.15NA
1622:55S 1416FairCLR15.611.7 77%NANA76.12NA
1622:35S 1416FairCLR16.111.7 75%NANA76.15NA
1622:15S 1416FairCLR16.711.7 73%NANA76.12NA
1621:55S 1616FairCLR16.711.7 70%NANA76.15NA
1621:35S 1316FairCLR16.711.1 72%NANA76.12NA
1621:15S 1316FairCLR17.211.7 69%NANA76.12NA
1620:55S 1416FairCLR16.111.7 75%NANA76.1NA
1620:35S 1416FairCLR17.212.2 73%NANA76.1NA
1620:15S 1316FairCLR18.312.2 69%NANA76.05NA
1619:55S 1416FairCLR18.912.8 67%NANA76.02NA
1619:35S 1416FairCLR19.412.8 65%NANA76.05NA
1619:15S 1616FairCLR20.612.8 60%NANA76.02NA
1618:55S 2116FairCLR22.212.8 2522.256%NANA76.02NA
1618:35SW 27 G 4016FairCLR22.812.8 52%NANA76.02NA
1618:15S 3516Fair and BreezyCLR23.313.3 53%NANA75.97NA
1617:55S 3916Fair and BreezyCLR23.913.3 51%NANA75.97NA
1617:35S 34 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR24.413.3 50%NA25.675.97NA
1617:15S 32 G 4516FairCLR24.413.3 51%NA25.675.95NA
1616:55S 35 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR24.413.3 50%NA25.675.92NA
1616:35S 32 G 5116FairCLR2513.3 49%NA26.175.92NA
1616:15S 37 G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR2512.8 48%NA26.175.95NA
1615:55S 35 G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR2513.3 48%NA26.175.95NA
1615:35S 35 G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR2513.3 49%NA26.175.97NA
1615:15S 37 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR2513.3 49%NA26.176.02NA
1614:55S 34 G 4016Fair and BreezyCLR2513.3 49%NA26.176.05NA
1614:35S 32 G 4016FairCLR24.413.3 49%NA25.676.07NA
1614:15SW 27 G 3916FairCLR24.413.3 49%NA25.676.1NA
1613:55SW 35 G 4016Fair and BreezyCLR24.412.8 48%NA25.676.12NA
1613:35SW 29 G 4716FairCLR23.912.8 50%NANA76.12NA
1613:15S 3216FairCLR23.313.3 52%NANA76.12NA
1612:55S 2916FairCLR23.313.3 23.310.653%NANA76.15NA
1612:35S 2916FairCLR22.812.8 54%NANA76.17NA
1612:15S 3216FairCLR21.712.8 56%NANA76.17NA
1611:55S 2716FairCLR21.112.8 58%NANA76.2NA
1611:35SW 2916FairCLR21.112.2 58%NANA76.23NA
1611:15SW 2916FairCLR20.611.7 57%NANA76.23NA
1610:55S 26 G 3516FairCLR2011.7 60%NANA76.23NA
1610:35SW 27 G 3716FairCLR18.911.7 61%NANA76.23NA
1610:15SW 34 G 3916Fair and BreezyCLR18.310.6 63%NANA76.23NA
1609:55S 35 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR17.810.6 63%NANA76.25NA
1609:35SW 35 G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR17.210 63%NANA76.23NA
1609:15SW 37 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR16.79.4 64%NANA76.25NA
1608:55SW 37 G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR15.68.9 65%NANA76.25NA
1608:35SW 39 G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR158.3 65%NANA76.25NA
1608:15SW 34 G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR14.47.8 65%NANA76.25NA
1607:55S 32 G 4716FairCLR13.37.2 67%NANA76.25NA
1607:35S 24 G 3216FairCLR11.76.7 69%NANA76.25NA
1607:15S 2616FairCLR11.15.6 70%NANA76.25NA
1606:55S 21 G 2916FairCLR105.6 107.274%7.2NA76.25NA
1606:35S 2116FairCLR9.45 73%6.7NA76.23NA
1606:15S 2116FairCLR9.45 75%6.7NA76.25NA
1605:55S 2316FairCLR9.45 73%6.7NA76.23NA
1605:35S 2116FairCLR9.44.4 72%6.7NA76.23NA
1605:15S 1916FairCLR9.44.4 73%6.7NA76.25NA
1604:55S 1916FairCLR8.94.4 74%6.1NA76.25NA
1604:35S 1616FairCLR8.34.4 76%5.6NA76.25NA
1604:15S 1616FairCLR8.34.4 75%5.6NA76.28NA
1603:55S 1916FairCLR7.84.4 78%4.4NA76.28NA
1603:35SE 1316FairCLR7.24.4 83%5NA76.28NA
1603:15SE 1316FairCLR7.24.4 82%5NA76.28NA
1602:55SE 1316FairCLR7.84.4 80%5.6NA76.28NA
1602:35S 1616FairCLR7.84.4 79%5NA76.3NA
1602:15SE 1416FairCLR7.84.4 81%5NA76.3NA
1601:55SE 1416FairCLR7.84.4 79%5NA76.33NA
1601:35SE 1416FairCLR7.84.4 79%5NA76.35NA
1601:15SE 1416FairCLR7.84.4 79%5NA76.35NA
1600:55SE 1416FairCLR8.34.4 12.27.877%6.1NA76.38NA
1600:35SE 1416FairCLR8.34.4 76%6.1NA76.38NA
1600:15SE 1316FairCLR7.84.4 79%5.6NA76.38NA
1523:55SE 1316FairCLR7.84.4 80%5.6NA76.38NA
1523:35SE 1116FairCLR8.34.4 78%6.7NA76.38NA
1523:15SE 1416FairCLR8.34.4 78%6.1NA76.38NA
1522:55SE 1916FairCLR8.34.4 77%5.6NA76.38NA
1522:35SE 1616FairCLR8.35 79%5.6NA76.35NA
1522:15SE 1616FairCLR8.94.4 75%6.7NA76.38NA
1521:55S 1916FairCLR8.35 77%5.6NA76.4NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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