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La Veta Mountain, La Veta Pass
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1900:36SW 16 G 2916FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.8NA77.22NA
1900:12SW 19 G 3216FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.2NA77.24NA
1823:54SW 23 G 3216FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.2NA77.22NA
1823:30SW 16 G 2616FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.8NA77.27NA
1823:12SW 13 G 2916FairCLR10-1.1 47%8.3NA77.27NA
1822:54SW 21 G 2716FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.2NA77.24NA
1822:30SW 19 G 2916FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.2NA77.27NA
1822:12SW 16 G 2716FairCLR10-2.2 43%7.8NA77.27NA
1821:54SW 14 G 2616FairCLR10-1.1 47%7.8NA77.24NA
1821:30SW 1316FairCLR10-1.1 47%8.3NA77.27NA
1821:12SW 16 G 2916FairCLR11.1-2.2 41%NANA77.27NA
1820:54SW 1416FairCLR11.1-1.1 44%NANA77.27NA
1820:30SW 1316FairCLR12.2-1.1 41%NANA77.27NA
1820:12SW 1316FairCLR12.2-1.1 41%NANA77.24NA
1819:53SW 1116FairCLR12.2-1.1 41%NANA77.24NA
1819:35SW 1316FairCLR12.8-1.1 38%NANA77.22NA
1819:12W 1116FairCLR12.8-1.1 38%NANA77.22NA
1818:52SW 1116FairCLR15-2.2 31%NANA77.22NA
1818:34SW 1416Partly CloudySCT07015-2.2 31%NANA77.22NA
1818:11SW 16 G 2916FairCLR15-2.2 31%NANA77.22NA
1817:54SW 1416FairCLR16.1-2.2 29%NANA77.22NA
1817:30SW 19 G 2716FairCLR16.1-2.8 27%NANA77.19NA
1817:12SW 24 G 3916FairCLR16.1-2.8 27%NANA77.19NA
1816:54SW 16 G 2716FairCLR17.2-2.2 27%NANA77.22NA
1816:30SW 16 G 2916FairCLR17.2-2.2 27%NANA77.22NA
1816:12SW 16 G 3716Partly CloudySCT07517.2-2.2 27%NANA77.22NA
1815:54SW 19 G 3716Partly CloudySCT07517.2-1.1 30%NANA77.22NA
1815:30SW 14 G 3216Partly CloudySCT06517.2-1.1 30%NANA77.22NA
1815:12SW 13 G 3216Partly CloudySCT06517.2-1.1 30%NANA77.22NA
1814:54W 1016Mostly CloudySCT065 BKN075 BKN09016.10 34%NANA77.24NA
1814:36SW 1116Mostly CloudySCT065 BKN075 BKN09017.20 32%NANA77.27NA
1814:12SW 1316Partly CloudySCT055 SCT075150 36%NANA77.27NA
1813:54SW 13 G 3516Partly CloudySCT055 SCT07516.10 34%NANA77.27NA
1813:36SW 13 G 2916FairCLR16.10 34%NANA77.27NA
1813:12SW 19 G 3516Partly CloudySCT050150 36%NANA77.29NA
1812:54W 1416Partly CloudySCT05013.90 39%NANA77.32NA
1812:36SW 21 G 2916Partly CloudySCT050 SCT070150 36%NANA77.32NA
1812:12SW 14 G 2616Partly CloudySCT050 SCT06512.80 41%NANA77.32NA
1811:54SW 21 G 3416Partly CloudySCT050150 36%NANA77.34NA
1811:36W 19 G 2916FairCLR12.80 41%NANA77.34NA
1811:12W 1116FairCLR12.80 41%NANA77.34NA
1810:54SW 14 G 2716FairCLR12.80 41%NANA77.34NA
1810:36W 1116FairCLR12.81.1 44%NANA77.34NA
1810:12SW 1116FairCLR12.21.1 47%NANA77.32NA
1809:54W 1016FairCLR12.22.2 51%NANA77.32NA
1809:36W 1116FairCLR12.22.2 51%NANA77.32NA
1809:12W 816FairCLR11.12.2 54%NANA77.32NA
1808:52W 1016FairCLR11.12.2 54%NANA77.29NA
1808:34SW 816FairCLR102.2 58%8.9NA77.29NA
1808:12W 816FairCLR7.82.2 66%6.7NA77.27NA
1807:54SW 516FairCLR7.82.2 66%NANA77.27NA
1807:30SW 516FairCLR7.22.2 71%NANA77.27NA
1807:12SW 1016FairCLR7.22.2 71%5.6NA77.24NA
1806:51W 1016FairCLR7.22.2 71%5.6NA77.24NA
1806:33SW 1316FairCLR7.22.2 71%5NA77.22NA
1806:15SW 1316FairCLR7.22.2 71%5NA77.22NA
1805:54SW 1616FairCLR7.22.2 71%4.4NA77.22NA
1805:30W 1916FairCLR7.22.2 71%3.9NA77.19NA
1805:12W 2116FairCLR7.22.2 71%3.9NA77.17NA
1804:54SW 23 G 3216FairCLR7.22.2 71%3.9NA77.17NA
1804:30SW 23 G 3216FairCLR7.82.2 66%4.4NA77.17NA
1804:12SW 19 G 3216FairCLR7.82.2 66%4.4NA77.17NA
1803:54W 1416FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1803:30SW 21 G 2616FairCLR7.82.2 66%4.4NA77.17NA
1803:12SW 1416FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1802:54SW 1316FairCLR7.82.2 66%5.6NA77.17NA
1802:30W 816FairCLR7.82.2 66%6.7NA77.17NA
1802:12SW 16 G 2716FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1801:54W 1316FairCLR7.82.2 66%5.6NA77.22NA
1801:30SW 1116FairCLR7.82.2 66%5.6NA77.22NA
1801:12SW 1316FairCLR7.82.2 66%5.6NA77.22NA
1800:53SW 1116FairCLR7.82.2 66%5.6NA77.19NA
1800:35W 1316FairCLR7.82.8 71%5.6NA77.19NA
1800:12SW 1316FairCLR7.82.2 66%5.6NA77.17NA
1723:54W 1416FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1723:36SW 16 G 2716FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1723:12W 16 G 2616FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1722:54W 14 G 2916FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1722:36W 1616FairCLR7.82.2 66%5NA77.17NA
1722:12SW 13 G 2916FairCLR8.92.2 62%6.7NA77.17NA
1721:54SW 1016FairCLR7.82.2 66%6.1NA77.17NA
1721:36SW 1316FairCLR8.92.2 62%6.7NA77.14NA
1721:12SW 19 G 3216FairCLR102.2 58%7.2NA77.11NA
1720:53W 23 G 3216FairCLR102.2 58%7.2NA77.11NA
1720:35W 14 G 2716FairCLR102.2 58%7.8NA77.11NA
1720:12W 1416FairCLR11.11.1 50%NANA77.11NA
1719:53W 19 G 2616FairCLR11.11.1 50%NANA77.09NA
1719:35W 16 G 3416FairCLR12.21.1 47%NANA77.06NA
1719:11SW 23 G 4516FairCLR12.20 44%NANA77.04NA
1718:53SW 23 G 3916FairCLR12.20 44%NANA77.04NA
1718:35SW 23 G 3516FairCLR12.80 41%NANA77.04NA
1718:11SW 16 G 3216FairCLR13.9-1.1 36%NANA77.06NA
1717:54SW 14 G 3216FairCLR15-1.1 34%NANA77.06NA
1717:30SW 19 G 2916FairCLR150 36%NANA77.04NA
1717:12SW 23 G 3216FairCLR150 36%NANA77.04NA
1716:54SW 13 G 3216FairCLR16.10 34%NANA77.04NA
1716:30W 21 G 3716Partly CloudySCT08516.11.1 36%NANA77.04NA
1716:12SW 14 G 3416Partly CloudySCT08516.10 34%NANA77.06NA
1715:54W 13 G 3516Partly CloudySCT065 SCT08016.10 34%NANA77.06NA
1715:30SW 21 G 3916Partly CloudySCT050 SCT065 SCT075150 36%NANA77.04NA
1715:12W 21 G 3516Partly CloudySCT070 SCT075150 36%NANA77.06NA
1714:54W 16 G 3516Partly CloudySCT070 SCT08516.10 34%NANA77.06NA
1714:30SW 13 G 3716Partly CloudySCT049 SCT055 SCT070151.1 39%NANA77.06NA
1714:12SW 23 G 3516Mostly CloudySCT047 BKN06516.11.1 36%NANA77.06NA
1713:53SW 13 G 2916Mostly CloudySCT047 SCT055 BKN065151.1 39%NANA77.06NA
1713:35SW 19 G 3716Partly CloudySCT040 SCT048 SCT050152.2 42%NANA77.06NA
1713:11SW 21 G 3416Mostly CloudySCT036 BKN043 BKN05012.82.2 47%NANA77.09NA
1712:53SW 16 G 3716Mostly CloudySCT034 BKN04113.92.8 48%NANA77.11NA
1712:35SW 16 G 3716Partly CloudySCT030 SCT03912.82.8 51%NANA77.11NA
1712:12SW 13 G 3416 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT029 SCT037 SCT04412.82.8 51%NANA77.11NA
1711:52W 13 G 3216Partly CloudySCT02912.22.8 54%NANA77.11NA
1711:35W 11 G 2716Partly CloudySCT02912.22.8 54%NANA77.17NA
1711:12W 13 G 3216FairCLR11.12.8 58%NANA77.17NA
1710:54W 11 G 3516Partly CloudySCT02011.13.9 62%NANA77.17NA
1710:30W 13 G 3416Partly CloudySCT018103.9 67%8.3NA77.17NA
1710:12SW 19 G 2616Partly CloudySCT0188.93.9 71%6.1NA77.17NA
1709:54W 14 G 2716Partly CloudySCT018 SCT1208.93.9 71%6.7NA77.17NA
1709:30W 24 G 4016Mostly CloudyBKN1208.93.9 71%5.6NA77.11NA
1709:12W 27 G 4516Mostly CloudyBKN1207.82.8 71%3.9NA77.09NA
1708:54W 26 G 3916Partly CloudySCT1207.23.9 81%3.3NA77.04NA
1708:30W 19 G 3916Partly CloudySCT1207.82.8 71%4.4NA77.06NA
1708:12W 14 G 2916Partly CloudySCT1207.82.8 71%5NA77.06NA
1707:54SW 24 G 3916Partly CloudySCT1207.22.8 76%3.3NA77.06NA
1707:30W 24 G 3416FairCLR7.22.8 76%3.3NA77.06NA
1707:12SW 23 G 3516FairCLR7.22.8 76%3.9NA77.04NA
1706:51SW 23 G 4216FairCLR7.22.8 76%3.9NA77.04NA
1706:33W 19 G 3716FairCLR7.22.8 76%3.9NA77.01NA
1706:15W 14 G 3916FairCLR7.82.8 71%5NA77.01NA
1705:54W 26 G 3716FairCLR7.23.9 81%3.3NA76.99NA
1705:36W 23 G 3416FairCLR7.83.9 76%4.4NA76.99NA
1705:12SW 21 G 3916FairCLR7.83.9 76%4.4NA76.99NA
1704:54SW 27 G 4016FairCLR7.83.9 76%3.9NA76.99NA
1704:36W 34 G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR7.83.9 76%3.3NA76.96NA
1704:12SW 21 G 4016FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA76.99NA
1703:53SW 26 G 3916FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA76.99NA
1703:36SW 26 G 3716FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA76.99NA
1703:12W 24 G 4516Partly CloudySCT0167.85 82%4.4NA76.99NA
1702:54SW 26 G 3416FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA76.99NA
1702:30SW 19 G 3416FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.01NA
1702:12SW 26 G 4016FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA77.01NA
1701:53SW 21 G 3216FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.04NA
1701:35SW 21 G 3416FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.04NA
1701:11SW 16 G 2616FairCLR7.25 87%4.4NA77.06NA
1700:54SW 21 G 2916FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.06NA
1700:30SW 14 G 2616FairCLR7.85 82%5NA77.06NA
1700:12SW 13 G 2616FairCLR7.85 82%5.6NA77.09NA
1623:54SW 13 G 2716FairCLR7.85 82%5.6NA77.11NA
1623:30W 2316FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.11NA
1623:12SW 23 G 3416FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA77.09NA
1622:54SW 24 G 3516FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA77.11NA
1622:30SW 23 G 3516FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA77.11NA
1622:12W 2316FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA77.11NA
1621:53SW 19 G 3416 ThunderstormCLR105 71%7.2NA77.11NA
1621:30SW 24 G 3716FairCLR105 71%7.2NA77.09NA
1621:12SW 23 G 3516FairCLR105 71%7.2NA77.09NA
1620:53SW 23 G 3416FairCLR105 71%7.2NA77.09NA
1620:30SW 21 G 3216FairCLR105 71%7.2NA77.09NA
1620:12SW 19 G 3216FairCLR105 71%7.2NA77.06NA
1619:53SW 19 G 3416FairCLR105 71%7.2NA77.06NA
1619:35SW 1416FairCLR105 71%7.8NA77.06NA
1619:11SW 1316FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA77.06NA
1618:52SW 1016FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA77.06NA
1618:34SW 1016FairCLR12.26.1 67%NANA77.06NA
1618:11SW 516FairCLR12.25 63%NANA77.09NA
1617:54SW 1116FairCLR12.85 59%NANA77.09NA
1617:30SW 13 G 2916FairCLR12.85 59%NANA77.09NA
1617:12W 14 G 2616Partly CloudySCT024 SCT045 SCT06012.86.1 63%NANA77.11NA
1616:54SW 1116Mostly CloudySCT020 SCT026 BKN04312.86.1 63%NANA77.09NA
1616:30W 1116OvercastSCT035 SCT041 OVC04812.26.1 67%NANA77.11NA
1616:12W 1016Mostly CloudySCT024 SCT029 BKN04612.85 59%NANA77.11NA
1615:53SW 1316Mostly CloudySCT016 BKN024 BKN02912.85 59%NANA77.11NA
1615:35W 1416OvercastSCT017 BKN027 OVC03811.16.1 72%NANA77.11NA
1615:12W 1016OvercastSCT013 BKN032 OVC05011.16.1 72%NANA77.17NA
1614:54SW 19 G 2616OvercastSCT009 BKN040 OVC05512.26.1 67%NANA77.14NA
1614:36SW 13 G 2616OvercastSCT006 BKN039 OVC0468.97.2 87%6.7NA77.17NA
1614:12SW 16 G 3716 Light RainSCT004 BKN026 OVC0558.97.2 87%6.7NA77.17NA
1613:54SW 16 G 2916Mostly CloudySCT026 BKN030 BKN04212.25 63%NANA77.17NA
1613:36SW 11 G 2616Mostly CloudyBKN029 BKN034 BKN04611.15 67%NANA77.17NA
1613:12SW 19 G 3516Partly CloudySCT04412.85 59%NANA77.17NA
1612:53SW 19 G 3416Partly CloudySCT044 SCT10012.26.1 67%NANA77.17NA
1612:35SW 21 G 3716Mostly CloudySCT015 BKN100105 71%7.2NA77.17NA
1612:12SW 23 G 3716OvercastSCT014 BKN042 OVC100105 71%7.2NA77.17NA
1611:53SW 21 G 3516OvercastSCT010 BKN036 OVC110106.1 76%7.2NA77.19NA
1611:35SW 21 G 3516OvercastBKN010 BKN018 OVC043106.1 76%7.2NA77.19NA
1611:11W 19 G 2916OvercastBKN008 OVC016106.1 76%7.2NA77.22NA
1610:52SW 13 G 2616OvercastBKN006 OVC0138.96.1 82%6.7NA77.24NA
1610:35W 16 G 4216Mostly CloudySCT004 BKN008 BKN0137.86.1 87%5NA77.22NA
1610:12W 24 G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN008 BKN012 BKN0218.96.1 82%5.6NA77.19NA
1609:54SW 16 G 2716OvercastBKN006 OVC0107.86.1 87%5NA77.24NA
1609:30SW 19 G 3216OvercastBKN004 OVC0097.26.1 93%3.9NA77.22NA
1609:12SW 16 G 2916OvercastOVC0047.26.1 93%4.4NA77.22NA
1608:54SW 1311OvercastOVC0027.26.1 93%5NA77.22NA
1608:30SW 14 G 2616OvercastOVC0047.26.1 93%4.4NA77.19NA
1608:12SW 23 G 3516OvercastOVC0047.26.1 93%3.9NA77.17NA
1607:54SW 24 G 3711OvercastOVC0027.26.1 93%3.3NA77.17NA
1607:30SW 16 G 2911OvercastOVC0046.16.1 100%2.8NA77.19NA
1607:12SW 21 G 3511OvercastBKN004 OVC0076.16.1 100%2.2NA77.17NA
1606:51SW 21 G 3511OvercastOVC0056.16.1 100%2.2NA77.11NA
1606:33SW 24 G 3511OvercastOVC0036.16.1 100%2.2NA77.11NA
1606:10SW 23 G 3911OvercastOVC0016.16.1 100%2.2NA77.11NA
1605:54W 21 G 391 FogOVC0016.16.1 100%2.2NA77.11NA
1605:30SW 24 G 370 FogOVC0016.16.1 100%2.2NA77.11NA
1605:12W 21 G 340 FogOVC0016.16.1 100%2.2NA77.14NA
1604:54W 21 G 351 Light RainOVC0016.16.1 100%2.2NA77.17NA
1604:30W 23 G 348 Fog/MistOVC0036.15 93%2.2NA77.17NA
1604:12SW 21 G 3216OvercastOVC0036.15 93%2.2NA77.14NA
1603:54SW 21 G 3211Mostly CloudyBKN003 BKN006 BKN1106.15 93%2.2NA77.11NA
1603:30W 16 G 3411OvercastOVC0036.15 93%2.8NA77.14NA
1603:12W 23 G 355 Fog/MistOVC0016.16.1 100%2.2NA77.14NA
1602:53W 19 G 320 FogOVC0016.15 93%2.8NA77.17NA
1602:35W 19 G 291 FogOVC00555 100%1.1NA77.19NA
1602:12W 23 G 3516Partly CloudySCT007 SCT020 SCT0906.15 93%2.2NA77.22NA
1601:54W 24 G 4216Mostly CloudySCT007 BKN020 BKN0956.15 93%2.2NA77.22NA
1601:30W 23 G 3216Mostly CloudySCT005 BKN009 BKN0956.15 93%2.2NA77.22NA
1601:12W 26 G 3516OvercastBKN005 BKN022 OVC0956.15 93%1.7NA77.19NA
1600:54W 26 G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN008 BKN1006.15 93%1.7NA77.22NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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