Highest point in a wave.

In hydrologic terms, (1) The highest stage or level of a flood wave as it passes a point. (2) The top of a dam, dike, spillway, or weir, to which water must rise before passing over the structure.
Crest Gage
A gage used to obtain a record of flood crests at sites where recording gages are installed.
Crest Width
In hydrologic terms, the thickness or width of a dam at the level of the crest (top) of the dam. The term "thickness" is used for gravity and arch dams and "width" for other types of dams.
Flood Crest
Maximum height of a flood wave as it passes a certain location.
Forecast Crest
In hydrologic terms, the highest elevation of river level, or stage, expected during a specified storm event.
Spillway Crest
In hydrologic terms, the elevation of the highest point of a spillway.
Wave Crest
The highest part of a wave

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