Moisture that has condensed on objects near the ground, whose temperatures have fallen below the dewpoint temperature.
Dew Point
(Abbrev. DWPT) - A measure of atmospheric moisture. It is the temperature to which air must be cooled in order to reach saturation (assuming air pressure and moisture content are constant). A higher dew point indicates more moisture present in the air. It is sometimes referred to as Dew Point Temperature, and sometimes written as one word (Dewpoint).
Dew Point Depression
The difference in degrees between the air temperature and the dew point.
Dew Point Front
A narrow zone (mesoscale feature) of extremely sharp moisture gradient and little temperature gradient. It separates moist air from dry air. Severe weather can be associated with this front. It is also known as a "dryline" or "dry front".
On a buoy report, the dewpoint temperature taken at the same height as the air temperature measurement.
Frozen Dew
When liquid dew changes into tiny beads of ice. This occurs when dew forms and temperatures later drop below freezing.

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