Deep Seepage
In hydrologic terms, infiltration which reaches the water table.
Effluent Seepage
In hydrologic terms, diffuse discharge of ground water to the ground surface
Environmental Protection Agency
Flow Separation
The process by which a separation eddy forms on the windward or leeward sides of bluff objects or steeply rising hillsides.
Hydrograph Separation
In hydrologic terms, the process where the storm hydrograph is separated into baseflow components and surface runoff components.
Influent Seepage
In hydrologic terms, movement of gravity water in the zone of aeration from the ground surface toward the water table.
In hydrologic terms, the interstitial movement of water that may take place through a dam, its foundation, or abutments.
Separation Eddy
An eddy that forms near the ground on the windward or leeward side of a bluff object or steeply rising hillside; streamlines above this eddy go over the object.

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