(Abbrev. ADVCTN)- Transport of an atmospheric property by the wind.
Advection Fog
A fog that forms when warm air flows over a cold surface and cools from below until saturation is reached.
Cold Advection
Transport of cold air into a region by horizontal winds.
Moisture Advection
Transport of moisture by horizontal winds.
Negative Vorticity Advection
(Abbrev. NVA) - the advection of lower values of vorticity into an area.
Positive Vorticity Advection
(Abbrev. PVA) - Advection of higher values of vorticity into an area, which often is associated with upward motion (lifting) of the air. PVA typically is found in advance of disturbances aloft (i.e., shortwaves), and is a property which often enhances the potential for thunderstorm development.
Warm Advection
Transport of warm air into an area by horizontal winds. Low-level warm advection sometimes is referred to (erroneously) as overrunning. Although the two terms are not properly interchangeable, both imply the presence of lifting in low levels.

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