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Custer SD
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Custer, Custer County Airport21:53 Light Rain Fog/Mist383693E 829.90
Buffalo21:56NA464286SE 1029.90
Chamberlain, Chamberlain Municipal Airport22:15Overcast5353100E 529.97
Chadron, Chadron Municipal Airport21:53Overcast484589S 729.92
Faith21:56NA474697E 1329.95
Mondell Field22:15 Light Rain434193S 15 G 2229.90
Gillette, Gillette-Campbell County Airport21:53Overcast424196E 1229.82
Hettinger, Hettinger Municipal Airport21:53 Light Rain484383E 1029.97
Winner, Bob Wiley Field Airport21:53 Light Rain514889E 729.95
Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Airport21:52 Light Rain484486S 629.93
Philip, Philip Airport21:55Overcast494897E 829.93
Pierre, Pierre Regional Airport21:53 Light Rain504893E 529.95
Rapid City, Rapid City Regional Airport21:52 Light Rain Fog/Mist454393E 929.92
Ellsworth Air Force Base21:56 Light Rain4545100SE 829.92
Valentine, Miller Field21:52 Light Rain Fog/Mist504686E 1029.93
Hulett Municipal Airport22:15Overcast413993E 829.88
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