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Hope NM
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Sky/Weather Temp.
Carlsbad, Cavern City Air Terminal Airport05:53Overcast423473S 330.12
Alamogordo-White06:35Fair433061NE 530.13
Artesia Municipal Airport06:35Fair453671N 630.15
Alpine, Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport06:35Overcast483766S 530.20
El Paso, El Paso International Airport05:51A Few Clouds463156N 730.09
Pine Springs, Guadalupe Mountains National Park05:51Overcast432856NE 1430.14
Seminole, Gaines County Airport06:35Fair463564NW 630.17
Hobbs / Lea County05:50Clear393070NW 530.13
Wink, Winkler County Airport05:53Overcast433265N 730.12
Midland, Midland International Airport05:53Overcast433368N 330.13
Midland, Midland Airpark06:35Overcast473564Calm30.14
Marfa05:56Overcast463668SE 930.15
Odessa, Odessa-Schlemeyer Field05:53Overcast453261N 730.13
Pecos, Pecos Municipal Airport06:35Overcast473359W 530.15
Roswell International Air Center Airport05:51Fair413270N 330.12
Culberson County AirportNULLNULLNULL
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