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5 Miles E Colonial Pine Hills SD
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Rapid City, Rapid City Regional Airport11:52Fair512435NW 1330.10
Buffalo11:56Breezy482744W 2230.01
Chamberlain, Chamberlain Municipal Airport12:15Fair383072W 1030.12
Chadron, Chadron Municipal Airport11:53Fair412655W 1330.18
Custer, Custer County Airport11:53Fair411941NW 9 G 2130.10
Faith10:56NA442955W 1730.06
Mondell Field12:15Fair362360S 630.17
Gillette, Gillette-Campbell County Airport11:53Fair392455SW 1230.12
Hettinger, Hettinger Municipal Airport11:53Fair433060W 16 G 2530.02
Winner, Bob Wiley Field Airport11:53Fair403068W 1030.13
Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Airport11:52NA362667SW 830.17
Philip, Philip Airport11:55Fair513146NW 17 G 2430.11
Pierre, Pierre Regional Airport11:53Fair483050W 1330.07
Valentine, Miller Field11:52Fair372870W 1030.16
Hulett Municipal AirportNULLNULLNULL
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