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17 Miles NE Salt Flat TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Pine Springs, Guadalupe Mountains National Park07:51Fair and Breezy755245SW 2130.12
Alamogordo-White08:15Fair815237S 1430.05
Artesia Municipal Airport08:15Fair795748SE 629.98
Carlsbad, Cavern City Air Terminal Airport07:53Fair795544SE 829.93
Alpine, Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport07:55Fair815542S 1230.12
El Paso, El Paso International Airport07:51A Few Clouds845740SW 1230.01
Hobbs / Lea County07:50Clear795748S 1429.98
Wink, Winkler County Airport07:53Fair816049SE 20 G 2329.93
Las Cruces, Las Cruces International Airport07:55Fair765446Calm30.06
Midland, Midland International Airport07:53Fair806458S 2029.96
Midland, Midland Airpark07:55Fair796359S 1729.96
Marfa07:56Fair745552S 530.13
Odessa, Odessa-Schlemeyer Field07:53Fair796052S 1729.97
Pecos, Pecos Municipal Airport07:55Fair835640E 729.93
Presidio Lely International Airport07:55Fair875736E 529.98
Roswell International Air Center Airport07:51Fair804731NW 629.95
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